Sample Product Extension: Let Your Customers Request Samples

Sample product extension

Sampling is an easy and effective way to promote products and help customers purchase products that best suit their needs. For example, when a customer is in a typical type of brick-and-mortar store, sample products is an already “built in” option that helps customers make a choice; something that online stores rarely offer. Imagine that

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Planning & Creation of Attributes and Attribute Sets in Magento 2

What is an attribute and attribute set, and what are they for? In one of our previous articles, we covered the process of product creation in Magento 2. Choosing the attribute set is one of the first steps in the process of creating a product, so it would make the most sense to learn about

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Mass Price Update Extension: the Way to Streamline Price Updating in Magento

Mass price update extension

If you have to update prices regularly, and your catalog consits of more than two hundred products, it makes sense to find a solution that enhances this process. Having seen our customers struggling with keeping their catalog pricing data up to date we have created an extension that addresses this need and helps Magento store

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Product Types And Their Creation in Magento 2

Magento supports six product types that differ in behavior and attributes. And even though the Magento development team has re-thought the way products are created in Magento, the product types are still the same ones we’ve come to know and love from Magento 1x: Simple product Grouped product Bundle product Configurable product Virtual product Downloadable

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Prelaunch Checklist for Magento 2 Online Store

You did it! You built your online store using Magento 2, and you are days away from introducing it to the entire world and your customers in particular. And, maybe we’re not wrong in assuming that you want to avoid (or at least try to) all possible errors and inconveniences on D day, or any

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Why Shopify: When Shopify Wins Magento

The most essential thing to set your online store going is not to miss out with the right platform. In case the decision was right – it won’t be of a great problem to support and extend its functionality, which is going to be a leading factor of your store thrift. Otherwise, you may get

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Web2Print and Magento: Implementation Strategies

Web2Print Magento

Are you into branded apparel, customized merchandise, invitations, posters, banners, or even books? If so, anything that requires changing text or uploading images directly to the website and integrating with your products could be easily done with web to print technology a.k.a. web2print. This functionality enables your customers to create, edit, and sign off on

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How to Add Microdata to Magento 1x

Microdata in Magento

Previously in our blog, we have concentrated on content that may be useful for online merchants and those who want to move their businesses online. However, over the years, our team generated a lot of useful content for Magento developers as well, and it’s about time to share that with the community. Our first article

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SEO in Magento: Overview of Default Tools and 3rd Party Extensions

SEO for Magento

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques that can either make or break a website: it literally makes the site visible to search engines and, therefore to customers. Knowing this, the Magento development team has equipped the platform with a number of features you can use to make your website more attractive to

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Mega-menu for Magento: Examples, Tips, Solutions

The use of mega-menus is nothing new, e-commerce giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google Play have done a lot over the years to experiment with these kinds of menus. They’ve become a near necessity for large online stores that have a great number of products and content pages, and make navigation through the store a

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