How to Add Microdata to Magento 1x

Microdata in Magento

Previously in our blog, we have concentrated on content that may be useful for online merchants and those who want to move their businesses online. However, over the years, our team generated a lot of useful content for Magento developers as well, and it’s about time to share that with the community. Our first article

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SEO in Magento: Overview of Default Tools and 3rd Party Extensions

SEO for Magento

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques that can either make or break a website: it literally makes the site visible to search engines and, therefore to customers. Knowing this, the Magento development team has equipped the platform with a number of features you can use to make your website more attractive to

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Mega-menu for Magento: Examples, Tips, Solutions

The use of mega-menus is nothing new, e-commerce giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google Play have done a lot over the years to experiment with these kinds of menus. They’ve become a near necessity for large online stores that have a great number of products and content pages, and make navigation through the store a

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When It Is Good Idea to Use WordPress

Using WordPress

Although Magento is our primary software, sometimes there are cases when it is not a good match. For example, if you want to create a corporate site or to run a standalone blog. That is why we offer WordPress development on top of Magento ecommerce solutions. What is WordPress? Pros and Cons WordPress is one

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How to Understand Your Developer: Magento-related Terms for Merchants

Magento glossary

If you’re having trouble to understand your Magento developers, here are some terms to get you started. The list is pretty long, but if you make it till the end, it might help you to get the basics of Magento store development and management. A/B testing – a method of comparing two versions (“A” and

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Building a Product Configurator in Magento

Product customizer

A product configurator: what’s the catch? A product configurator or customizer allows customers to configure a product the way they want. Some of the tools include only limited options to choose from color, material, or flavor, while others have very complex logic behind. There are some businesses, which have no other choice but to use

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In-store Pickup for Magento

Store pickup

In-store pickup is a feature that allows customers to order or reserve products online and pick them up in a store. The dominant factor why ecommerce companies provide in-store pick to customers is its convenience: it allows shoppers to avoid shipping costs and revealing their address details. Besides, customers who can not or do not

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Best Practices for Implementing a Store Locator in Magento

Store locator

Although online shopping is a very popular practice these days, it is not uncommon for customers to want to see, touch, smell, compare and better understand the products they consider purchasing. Or they simply do not want to wait a few days for the package to arrive and prefer to visit the nearest store as

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Magento Multi Language Websites: Best Localization Practices

Multilingual ecommerce sites have become a norm for businesses catering to different countries or locales. But is language the only factor that influences buying decision, or is there something more behind the word  “localization”? When you localize, you create a site that in terms of content, design and functionality is adapted to the needs of

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Magento 2 Features Overview. What’s New for Online Merchants?

Having several Magento 2 projects under development, it’s about time to break the silence and tell you about the experiences we’ve made with the new platform. But it would be a bad tone not to tell you about Magento 2.0 key improvements first. UPDATED TECHNOLOGY STACK The platform has been essentially revamped, and now Magento

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