B2B e-Commerce Sites: Implementing on Magento Platform

B2B stands for “Business to Business” and means trading between companies (unlike B2C where companies sell to customers). It can be wholesaler-to-retailer, supplier-to-corporation, manufacturer-to-distributor operations etc. Typically the parties operate big volumes, maintain long term relationships and it affects the way such websites function. There is no huge difference compared to B2C sites — there are

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Great Features for Online Fashion Stores

Online fashion market is booming and since you are reading these lines we suppose you have got the idea to build your own fashion website. Sure, there is a lot of room for experimentation. But what techniques really work? What website elements create engaging customer experience that is a pleasure to repeat? We have came

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One Step Checkout vs Multi-step Checkout

One step checkout vs multi-step

Shopping cart and checkout are the most crucial parts of any online store because this is where customers usually abandon. Crafting the right checkout process is not as simple as it seems. Currently there are two main scenarios for checkouts: multi-step (available in Magento by default) and one step solutions (available as extensions). What is

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Migration to Magento Tips and Tricks

Migration to Magento

Migration to Magento. Basics Data migration options Design transfer Functionality transfer Migration process step-by-step Migration and SEO Rapidly growing e-commerce industry requires website owners to be more flexible and competitive, and selecting Magento platform is one of the best options to withstand the current industry trends. But what to do if you originally selected a

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Blog on Magento: Extension vs WordPress Integration

Blog for Magento

Featuring a blog in Magento store is becoming more popular and not only because of SEO: the more knowledge you share with your customers — the more credibility your company or brand gains, thus you are likely to increase your conversion rate and build a strong audience of returning clients. And now let us touch

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SEO for e-Commerce. Some Useful On-Site Tips for Your Magento Website Promotion

SEO for e-commerce

Creation of a website is never a final step in moving your business to digital. In fact, it’s just a first step along brave new world of digital marketing. Today we will uncover basics of On-Site SEO for your e-commerce website. Indexation. Vast amount e-shops have same issue of getting their content to index. Of

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Magento Marketplace Extensions Overview

Magento marketplace

What is a marketplace? While e-commerce world is a fast-growing phenomenon on its own, marketplaces and various B2C portals are more than ever in the heyday of their glory. Have you ever shopped at Ebay or Amazon? These are the world biggest online marketplaces. Speaking figuratively, marketplace is like an online shopping mall where anyone

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Infographic. Magento Online Store Planning

online shop planning

PLANNING of MAGENTO STORE is time-consuming, but that’s the only way to build the online store that converts and brings revenue. The infographic covers everything you need to plan and strategize and develop a successful e-commerce website. Even more information about web store planning you can find in our article “What to consider when planning

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Shipping in Magento

Shipping for magento

Shipping is the very backbone of the entire operation in ecommerce businesses. In the early ages of the ecommerce, most customers were eager just to receive their packages. Nowadays with more and more businesses introducing same day delivery, consumers want not only to buy goods, but receive them as soon as possible and in the

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What to Consider When Planning a Magento Store?

Planning Magento store

PLANNING. This is what you should start your online store with. Before the first design is drawn up or the first line of code is written, take the time and think carefully about the project from start to finish and make a plan for your future e-commerce website. No one knows better than you what

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