How to Improve Magento Website Search. Almost Everything You Have to Know

Magento search

The purpose of any e-commerce website is to make finding and buying products as easy and convenient as possible for visitors. More and more, consumers are using on-site search to find what they are looking for quickly. And, you may be already familiar with statistics saying that a visitor who searches your site is more

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Icons for Construction Industry e-Commerce Website

Building icons

Beautiful icons for your Magento online store that are aimed to convey the right message to your customers.

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Jewellery E-commerce Website Icon Pack

Jewelery icons

Elegant jewellery icons will give the design of your ecommerce site a special flavour.

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Payment Gateways for Magento

Payment gateways

For those who own a Magento or any other e-commerce website, having a suitable payment gateway is really essential. This web-based service is an important piece of the online transaction puzzle that allows merchants to accept credit card payments online. The main job of the payment gateway is collection and encryption of sensitive customer information,

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How to Select Hosting for Magento Part 2

Hosting for Magento

In our previous article we’ve covered hosting plans, now it’s time to take a closer look at configuration of your server and nice-to-have features. Hardware Magento is very resource consuming, so the more powerful server you can afford – the faster will your site will work (though properly configured weaker server may perform better than

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How to Select Hosting for Magento

Magento hosting

Magento is a great solution for e-commerce, but it has higher server demands than other open source e-commerce platforms. It is mostly related to the fact that Magento’s architecture is very flexible and powerful, which allows Magento developers to extend it easily, but requires more resources to maintain this flexibility. Anyways, it does not mean

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7 Reasons to Migrate from OsCommerce to Magento

Migration to Magento

10 years ago OsCommerce platform was a king of shopping carts – undisputed market leader, most of shops at those times were built on it. Now the market leadership shifted to Magento and almost noone uses OsCommerce for new shops, though according to statistics 7% of all webshops still use it. We have worked with

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Webinar: Practical Usability Guidelines for e-Commerce. Part II

Usability webinar

Based on many years of its experience in ecommerce site development Magecom has conducted a webinar about key points of improving of websites, which covers the following issues: Checkout process: how to optimize your checkout process to avoid a shopping cart abandonment; Navigation: help shoppers to achieve their goals fast and easy. It is now

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Webinar: Usability Guidelines for e-Commerce. Part I

Usability for ecommerce webinar

This webinar conducted by our team is devoted to explaining the importance of usability in regard to websites and how a user-friendly website makes it easy for your customers to shop and navigate the entire order process on your website smoothly. It  covers such aspects as: navigation issues readability issues page load time explain how

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Marketing and UX

Marketing and UX. Both play very important roles in making online businesses successful. There is a lot in common between them. Nevertheless, the purposes of marketing and UX and the ways, they use to achieve these purposes, differ from each other. So lets consider the two in details. What is MARKETING about? Marketing is based

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