Magento is a comprehensive ecommerce platform which provides a lot of features out of box and even more features through its extensions, created by huge community of developers. Currently there are two editions of Magento available, Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. Both Editions are valuable, but focus on very different audiences.

So how to choose between the free Magento Community and the paid Enterprise version of Magento? Here we will examine the main differences between the two editions and consider which one suits your business needs.

The Magento Community Edition (CE) is an open source and free platform on which are built 25% of all web-stores in the world. It can be customized and modified to any extent to suit your needs, giving a very powerful e-commerce site. This edition is evolving rapidly, as it serves as a basic and powerful solution for small and middle online stores.

The Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) is a paid platform, on which work official online stores of many famous brands (Ford, Men’s Health, Nike, Lincoln, Harper’s Bazaar, Asus, Olympus and thousands of others). It provides the same core functionality as the Community Edition. The Enterprise Edition was created to solve the problems of users who require more advanced features or have a need for depth customization of the primary functional. Magento EE includes features to increase profits, full control over the functionality and is fully supported by a team of Magento.

This table shows the main similarities and differences between platforms:

Magento CommunityMagento Enterprise
CostFree open sourceCharge for services &add-onsFrom $15,550 per year
Target UsersDevelopers &tech-savvy merchantsSmall-mid size businessMid-large size business
SupportCommunity supportFull Magento support
Hosted by MagentoNoNo
B2BRequires 3rd party add-onsFull capabilities

Cost of Magento

The first impression one gets that Magento Community is absolutely free solution for your online store. However, if you are not familiar with open source, the standard price can be deceiving. The advantage of this version is that you can create your own web store that will look and work the way you want, but you still must pay for services of settings or do it by yourself. There are thousands of extensions available for the CE to help make your store fast and convenient. In some cases the total cost of adjustment may be equal or even greater than the cost of EE. However, if your business is not very large, the CE may be the best choice. But if you prefer not to worry about all the details of the development, then you should select Magento Enterprise.

Target Users

We recommend using Community Edition for sellers with under $ 50 million in online sales and less than 50 000 unique visitors per month.
Enterprise Edition is designed for medium-sized to large enterprises with income of more than $ 15-million and more than 25 000 unique visitors per month. EE is 80% faster in re-indexing a catalog, and has many performance features that the Community code base does not have.


Users of the CE are not supported by Magento team and do not have any warranties. Magento Enterprise Edition offers indeed technical support and guarantees.


Both of these solutions are not hosted by Magento. You should choose an on-premises hosting company.  But now there are many quality hosting providers at affordable prices and with good Magento support

B2C & B2B

If you sell to consumers, you can use both Magento editions. If you sell to other businesses, there are some limits. With Magento Community Edition, you can transact with other businesses  using 3rd party add-ons, while Enterprise Edition  enables full B2B support natively.
All Magento solutions have a great value and choosing between these two editions is a serious decision. You should determine your needs and long-term goals with a thorough evaluation and planning to choose the right fit for your business.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about Magento editions. We will be pleased to help you with the development of your Magento online store and will do our best to ensure that it provides the right outcome for you.