Company logo is prominently placed

Logo doesn’t have to be huge, but bigger than other elements around. The upper-left corner of your web shop is usually the best placement for languages that read from left to right. People expect it to be there. Logo should not conflict with the website design.

Write an appropriate companies Tagline

Reading your tagline visitors decide weather to leave or to stay. The tagline should answer the question: “what your company does exactly and why users should care?”. Vague or slangy tag lines only confuse users, or worse, make them mistrust your web shop.

Home page is digestible in 5 seconds

What does it mean? It means that users need to get the basic gist of your home page in just a 5 seconds. Your home page cannot be cluttered; a lot of businesses make the mistake of thinking if they put everything on their landing page then it will be easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for. It’s not true. Make it simple and clear. People tend not to read websites top to bottom; they start reading whatever pops out at them first, and then move to the next thing that captures their interest.

Clear path to company information

Include a homepage link to an “About Us” section that gives users an overview about the company profile. E-commerce website need a “strong” “About us” page because users want to know who is behind a web shop, how it’s founded, and whether it’s credible. It’s one of ways to gain trust from your customers. Include there postal address, information on how the shop was found, the philosophy of the company.

Ensure that after reading it the user has clear understanding about the company, what it does and the company is real. Provide a corporate video presentation: the video length should no more than 1-1,5 minutes. Ensure that the ‘About us’ and ‘Contact’ pages are part of your main navigation.

Clear path to contact information

Contact information is vital information. People tend to look for a link that says that ‘Contact us’ when they want to phone or email the company. Provide your contact phone number and email (chat) in the header and footer of the website as a text not an image! It needs to be accessible via the main menu as well.

There two options for contact page:

  • include ‘Contact’ or ‘Contact us’ in the main navigation
  • or as a sub-item for ‘About us’

As you see we have chosen the “Contact Us” option.

Hiding the phone number is a mistake which will cost you a lost customer!