Case Study: Building a Marketplace to Take the Client’s Business to the New Level

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Challenges Our client is a chain of restaurants in French cities that organizes online cooking courses. They’ve been building and developing their business, and at some point, hit the ceiling of capacity. It becomes clear that it’s time to expand and move forward to take the company to a new level. As for

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Case Study: Creating a Highly Loaded Infrastructure for an Online Store to Carry the Capacity during Sales

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Challenges Our client is a French fashion store that sells clothing and accessories, which is in the middle of migrating from Prestashop to Magento 2.3 Commerce Edition. When they start to pick a hosting environment, they decide to land on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ask us for help with the DevOps part.

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Case Study: Tea and Coffee Store Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

The Tea & Coffee company is a family business, grown from a small tea and coffee shop to a Magento multistore selling the most extensive range of teas and coffees available online. Our team had two ultimate goals to accomplish.  The first goal was to perform a migration of the website from Magento to

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Case study: React Native river navigation app

  River navigation an app for people who love kayaking. Introduction App is devoted to kayak lovers who enjoy kayaking on one of the biggest rivers in France, it gives them the ability to create, edit, and keep track of their routes in the real time. Technologies To get this thing going, we used such technologies

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Case study: Magento 2 Organic Childcare Products Store

Madeof is a US based, organic childcare product supplier. Their key selling component is that they provide a full disclosure of all product ingredients, ingredient origins, certifications, independent test results and factory locations, to their clientele. The company planned to launch their site in February 2018, so naturally our goal was to meet, if not

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Case study: fashion B2B marketplace

Mario Corporation is Italian fashion supplier that offers luxury European labels to country’s wholesalers and distributions. The company had a few sites it used for different purposes that were built on different platforms with no single approach to website build-up. Our goal was to bring all the existing ecommerce websites under one roof and enhance

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Case study: Car Tires Magento Store

Tyre online store

THE PROJECT Myzdegree.com is a Magento store selling car tyres online. Its greatest feature is a custom search that allows customers to look for tyres if they know the exact size or if they only know their car model. Suhail Abbas, our client, already had the idea for the search feature, and together we developed

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Case study: footwear Magento store

Gaitline banner

Overview Gaitline is a Norwegian footwear company selling sport shoes to several countries. To boost sales, the company management decided to create an ecommerce website targeting B2B and B2C customer groups from different countries. The store is pretty standard in terms of front-end functionality, but there are a few back-end features that required custom Magento

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Case study: popcorn ordering online store

Brooklyn popcorn case study

Paul operates a popcorn-truck in Brooklyn, New York, selling various types of popcorn flavors in different sizes. His truck got popularity and he decided to expand his business — create an online popcorn store with product feeds in Amazon and Google. The website offers three buying scenarios which are split into three categories: shop by

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