Ecommerce Website From Scratch

Get the full business picture &
outside perspective on your
ecommerce development

Analysts say that almost 71% of software projects fail because of poor requirements management, as stated in the CIO report. Every ecommerce project starts with preparing the groundwork, analyzing the business environment, and gathering requirements. In order to fulfill the potential of the project and be competitive on the market, you need a strategic approach with deep insights. That is what business analysis is for. If you want to introduce profound changes to your business system, create a collaborative effect between business and technology, and increase revenue and lower costs as a result — don’t skip a step of business analysis.

Internals of thebusiness analysis

  • Built-in marketing features to attract and retain customers, including vouchers & discount codes, newsletters, affiliate programs, time-controlled discounts, premium items, dynamic product catalogs with flexible filter criteria, etc.
  • Native SEO-friendly architecture, which offers useful tools for optimization and promotion in the Google search engine, such as mobile-friendliness, SEO-URLs, optimizing images and titles for categories, items & blog, standard meta titles and descriptions, etc. All of these settings are configured automatically but can be modified if necessary, which is beneficial for those who are not proficient in SEO or don’t have a dedicated specialist for the store.
  • Powerful Shopping World feature, which allows your online store to stand out in the market, capture users’ attention, and provide them with an emotional and seamless shopping experience. Shopping World enables creating impressive landing pages and effective product presentations, using ready-made design presets and building blocks from images, background, text, and buttons.
  • Special package of services for B2B companies with options to manage roles and responsibilities within your company, ensure a quick order process for business customers, and apply individual pricing and discounts.
  • Simple-to-use admin panel and intuitive UI provides quick and easy creating user groups, configuring role permissions, adding products, banners, and content with the drag-and-drop design layout.

Business goalsyou could achieve

Finding out business strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement from the outside point of view
Lowering costs by finding more cost-effective solutions, which ultimately increases your ROI
Establishing effective collaboration among stakeholders and reducing the rework
Developing workable solutions that perfectly fit your business needs and setting up a firm foundation for your business taking off
Minimizing risks and saving the project from failure by providing revealing insights, analysis, and research
Prioritising business requirements and tasks carefully to make stakeholder efforts focus on what really matters