Key Usability Guidelines for e-Commerce – Identity

Usability guidelines

Company logo is prominently placed Logo doesn’t have to be huge, but bigger than other elements around. The upper-left corner of your web shop is usually the best placement for languages that read from left to right. People expect it to be there. Logo should not conflict with the website design. Write an appropriate companies

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Accessibility Principles for e-Commerce

accessibility principles

Fast website load time Statistics show that a 10-second delay will often make users leave a website immediately. Even a few seconds’ delay is enough to create an unpleasant user experience with your web shop. Make sure the load time is fast enough. Ideally it must be faster than your competitors. The percentage of online

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The Differences between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise

Magento Comunity vs Magento Enterprise

Magento is a comprehensive ecommerce platform which provides a lot of features out of box and even more features through its extensions, created by huge community of developers. Currently there are two editions of Magento available, Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. Both Editions are valuable, but focus on very different audiences. So how

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12 Essential Elements for a Successful Online Shop

12 essential elements for successful online shop

There is no handbook as such that sets the industry standards for merchants to succeed. However, there are basic factors and tricks that can be used to help you get more clients on board and retain them. Let us dive a bit deeper into those insights.  1. Shop design When it comes to winning a

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