How to Understand Your Developer: Magento-related Terms for Merchants

Magento glossary

If you’re having trouble to understand your Magento developers, here are some terms to get you started. The list is pretty long, but if you make it till the end, it might help you to get the basics of Magento store development and management. A/B testing – a method of comparing two versions (“A” and

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Building a Product Configurator in Magento

Product customizer

A product configurator: what’s the catch? A product configurator or customizer allows customers to configure a product the way they want. Some of the tools include only limited options to choose from color, material, or flavor, while others have very complex logic behind. There are some businesses, which have no other choice but to use

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Configurable Products vs Simple Products with Options in Magento

Configs vs Simple products with custom options

Some time ago we estimated a project for migrating products from CubeCart to Magento. The client had his products in CubeCart set up as simple products with custom options, and before we got into the technical details we decided to suggest him importing the products into Magento as configurable products with their respective simple product

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Icons Set for Online Coffee Store

coffee shop designs

Though we do not post any statistics on how much coffee we consume daily/monthly/yearly as other ecommerce development companies do, but we love coffee. A lot. So, we put our passion to this drink to this nice icons set. Eye-pleasing and clean icons we have created convey the right message to online store visitors and help them easier to navigate

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Building a Wine Store: Features Your Customers Will Love

Writing an article about building an online wine shop on Magento is no less exciting than writing about fashion — you get to see so many nice things while doing the research! Although beverages are not among the top 5 selling things online, there are quite many online stores to buy ordinary or exquisite liquor

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Infographic. Magento Online Store Planning

online shop planning

PLANNING of MAGENTO STORE is time-consuming, but that’s the only way to build the online store that converts and brings revenue. The infographic covers everything you need to plan and strategize and develop a successful e-commerce website. Even more information about web store planning you can find in our article “What to consider when planning

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What to Consider When Planning a Magento Store?

Planning Magento store

PLANNING. This is what you should start your online store with. Before the first design is drawn up or the first line of code is written, take the time and think carefully about the project from start to finish and make a plan for your future e-commerce website. No one knows better than you what

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