Checkout in Magento 2

Checking out is without a doubt, the most essential part of an ecommerce store. And most online buyers expect it to be clear, smooth, and simple. But sometimes that’s harder than it looks. According to Baymard Institute statistics, about 27% of customers don’t actually reach the final checkout stage because of long and complicated checkout

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Browser Compatibility for Your Site

Browser compatibility

People use a variety of browsers of their choice, and each site owner or developer understands the importance of proper website rendering in different browsers. Even if developers follow all HTML/CSS coding standards and best practices, there is no guarantee that the site will look the same for all visitors. Sometimes browsers don’t follow all standards

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How to Integrate Magento Store with eBay and Amazon Marketplaces

Magento integration with Amazon and Ebay

If you run a Magento online store and think of expanding your business you must have already done some homework and researched possible online selling channels. The amount of multiple sales environments is crazy today; however, the most popular and trustworthy are eBay and Amazon. According to analysis, in August 2015, Amazon got 188

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Magento Multi-store Functionality Explained

If you own more than one store, you know all about the challenges of developing and managing several websites — time, effort, money. The creators of Magento were aware of those challenges and did their best to ease maintanance of multiple stores. So, now you can enjoy it — Magento multi-store functionality. You do not

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B2B e-Commerce Sites: Implementing on Magento Platform

B2B stands for “Business to Business” and means trading between companies (unlike B2C where companies sell to customers). It can be wholesaler-to-retailer, supplier-to-corporation, manufacturer-to-distributor operations etc. Typically the parties operate big volumes, maintain long term relationships and it affects the way such websites function. There is no huge difference compared to B2C sites — there are

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Jewellery E-commerce Website Icon Pack

Jewelery icons

Elegant jewellery icons will give the design of your ecommerce site a special flavour.

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7 Reasons to Migrate from OsCommerce to Magento

Migration to Magento

10 years ago OsCommerce platform was a king of shopping carts – undisputed market leader, most of shops at those times were built on it. Now the market leadership shifted to Magento and almost noone uses OsCommerce for new shops, though according to statistics 7% of all webshops still use it. We have worked with

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Webinar: Practical Usability Guidelines for e-Commerce. Part II

Usability webinar

Based on many years of its experience in ecommerce site development Magecom has conducted a webinar about key points of improving of websites, which covers the following issues: Checkout process: how to optimize your checkout process to avoid a shopping cart abandonment; Navigation: help shoppers to achieve their goals fast and easy. It is now

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Webinar: Usability Guidelines for e-Commerce. Part I

Usability for ecommerce webinar

This webinar conducted by our team is devoted to explaining the importance of usability in regard to websites and how a user-friendly website makes it easy for your customers to shop and navigate the entire order process on your website smoothly. It  covers such aspects as: navigation issues readability issues page load time explain how

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Ultimate Usability Checklist for e-Commerce Checkout


Developing the user-friendly checkout for ecommerce websites can be very tricky job. Customers have different preferences and it is not easy to meet everyone’s expectations. But there are some basic guidelines it is advisable to follow when designing ecommerce checkout. Do yourself and your customers a favor by following these guidelines: provide an access to

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