E-shop Navigation: Help Shoppers to Achieve Their Goals Fast and Easy

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Every shopper should be able to look at a page in your website and answer the questions: Where am I? Where have I been? Where can I go? What is here? Navigation Structure There are many ways to build a successful and reliable ecommerce navigation system for your online shop: First rate navigation: for content

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Usability for e-Commerce – Content Issues

Usability. Content issues

Headings are descriptive and clear Most people don’t read online, they scan the page. Use headings to set content apart and keep it organized. Headings should be clear and descriptive. Critical content is above the fold The “fold” is an imaginary line where the bottom of your screen cuts off a page. Average screen resolution 

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What You Should Do before Designing a New Website or Re-designing the Old One?

designing a new website

While most usability principles of regular websites still apply for e-commerce sites as well, the different specific pages such as shopping cart, shipping methods, billing addresses, order review, payment options, etc. all add another layer of complexity to creating usable online shops. It might have happened to everybody: you find in the search engine a

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