Sample Product Extension: Let Your Customers Request Samples

Sample product extension

Sampling is an easy and effective way to promote products and help customers purchase products that best suit their needs. For example, when a customer is in a typical type of brick-and-mortar store, sample products is an already “built in” option that helps customers make a choice; something that online stores rarely offer. Imagine that

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Mass Price Update Extension: the Way to Streamline Price Updating in Magento

Mass price update extension

If you have to update prices regularly, and your catalog consits of more than two hundred products, it makes sense to find a solution that enhances this process. Having seen our customers struggling with keeping their catalog pricing data up to date we have created an extension that addresses this need and helps Magento store

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Great Features for Online Fashion Stores

Online fashion market is booming and since you are reading these lines we suppose you have got the idea to build your own fashion website. Sure, there is a lot of room for experimentation. But what techniques really work? What website elements create engaging customer experience that is a pleasure to repeat? We have came

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Blog on Magento: Extension vs WordPress Integration

Blog for Magento

Featuring a blog in Magento store is becoming more popular and not only because of SEO: the more knowledge you share with your customers — the more credibility your company or brand gains, thus you are likely to increase your conversion rate and build a strong audience of returning clients. And now let us touch

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Shipping in Magento

Shipping for magento

Shipping is the very backbone of the entire operation in ecommerce businesses. In the early ages of the ecommerce, most customers were eager just to receive their packages. Nowadays with more and more businesses introducing same day delivery, consumers want not only to buy goods, but receive them as soon as possible and in the

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How to Improve Magento Website Search. Almost Everything You Have to Know

Magento search

The purpose of any e-commerce website is to make finding and buying products as easy and convenient as possible for visitors. More and more, consumers are using on-site search to find what they are looking for quickly. And, you may be already familiar with statistics saying that a visitor who searches your site is more

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Magento Extensions (modules, plugins)

Magento Community vs Magento Enterprise

Magento Extensions (modules, plugins) have a major role in the establishment and successful operation of the online stores. Essentially the Extensions do what the name implies – help to extend Magento in different ways. They allow store owners to set the professional online-shops that suit their individual e-commerce needs and requirements of customers. Every online

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