28 Holidays To Add To Your Promotional Calendar In 2019-2020

Holidays are a great time for selling because people feel excited and they go out to buy gifts for their friends and themselves. This is the time when brands compete like never before trying to conquer the heart of a buyer. And the biggest weapon in this war is marketing. The better it is set,

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FAQ Page in Magento 2: Best Practices & Extensions

When somebody drops into a store, it’s easy to find a salesman who will answer any question about products. Online stores don’t have such an option but they have special pages which do the salesmans’ job. These pages are called FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages. The FAQ page includes the most common questions and answers

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Two ways to implement a blog in Magento 2. Which will you choose?

Two ways to implement a blog in Magento 2. Which will you choose photo

Nowadays, it’s most common that merchants will feature a blog on their Magento 2 store, because as well all know, these kinds of posts improve SEO and help establish customer loyalty. Recently, HubSpot’s researched 1500 companies and published findings that show businesses with implemented blogs receive around 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and

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