Christmas Last Minute Tips On Magento 2

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Christmas is one of the most emotionally-charged family holidays of the year, and the main problem your customers are going to need to solve will be: “What do I buy for my loved ones? . So, to help them solve it, in your Christmas related marketing campaign focus on making your products look special to

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Magento 2 Home Page: How To Create A Perfect One

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According to a study by the Taylor & Francis Group, it takes less than a second for users to get the first impression of a site – usually 50 ms is enough. In most cases, a homepage is the essential page which visitors land on. That’s why a homepage has to be appealing and informative

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Magento 2.3 released: what’s new?

The long-awaited Magento version 2.3 has been released today, on November 29th. We are going to outline the most significant changes in the following feature list: Progressive Web App (PWA) GraphQL support Declarative DB Schema Asynchronous and Bulk Web API Elasticsearch Updates (Moved to Magento Open Source) Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) WYSIWYG Upgrade Page Builder Cache-Management

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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Checklist

Since Magento 2’s release in 2015, thousands of online merchants have considered migrating their Magento 1 stores to a new platform, At the time of it’s release 3 years ago, Magento 2 was still a bit raw and buggy, only the bravest came forward with the courage to replatform. More cautious users decided to wait

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Magento 2.2.5: new features overview

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Magento has recently released a new version of Open Source and Commerce packages with 150 improvements around performance, security, shipping, cataloguing, etc. After two months of hard work and dedication, this article will look through the enhancements Magento has made and explain why it’s worth upgrading to the new release. Core code improvements These improvements

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Two ways to implement a blog in Magento 2. Which will you choose?

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Nowadays, it’s most common that merchants will feature a blog on their Magento 2 store, because as well all know, these kinds of posts improve SEO and help establish customer loyalty. Recently, HubSpot’s researched 1500 companies and published findings that show businesses with implemented blogs receive around 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and

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How to create Accelerated Mobile Pages in Magento 2

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Contents: How does AMP work? Restrictions in AMP-code you should be aware of: Do I need to implement it? What is SEO’s problem with AMP? How to submit AMP pages to Google? The bare minimum you need to make your page AMP-valid: Do I need to create AMP versions of all my pages on Magento?

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Magento Meetup & Contribution Days in Kharkiv: How We Did It

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Magento platform has a community of nearly 150,000 developers that stretch the globe. Within this ecosystem Magento developers inform, educate, and support each other. They hold conferences such as Mage Titans, Meet Magento, and Magento Live to share professional experience, award the most outstanding talents, and gather for Contribution Days to contribute their knowledge to

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How to Hire a Magento Developer for Your E-commerce Project

After a thorough analysis of the E-commerce software market you’ve decided to make your fortune with the Magento 2 platform. Not only have you decided this because of it’s ease of use, but also because when compared to all other solutions, it meets your online store feature requirements the most. But a long feature list

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The Difference between Magento OpenSource and Commerce Editions

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Magento has earned a high-standing reputation as the most popular e-commerce platform used by the Alexa top 1 million websites with 19.64% market share. It’s no secret that merchants choose Magento for its flexibility and large, knowledgeable community of developers who can customize an online store in anyway an owner desires. With time comes progress

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