Magento Multi Language Websites: Best Localization Practices

Multilingual ecommerce sites have become a norm for businesses catering to different countries or locales. But is language the only factor that influences buying decision, or is there something more behind the word  “localization”? When you localize, you create a site that in terms of content, design and functionality is adapted to the needs of

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Infographic “Multi-store Functionality in Magento”

Magento multi-site

Magento platform is a great fit for businesses that plan to grow and sell products in different niches. It offers not only unprecedented flexibility but also the ability to create multiple stores within one Magento installation — so-called multi-store functionality. In the infographic, we covered such issues as Magento multi-store hierarchy and roles of each

magento ecommerce  solutions

Magento Multi-store Functionality Explained

If you own more than one store, you know all about the challenges of developing and managing several websites — time, effort, money. The creators of Magento were aware of those challenges and did their best to ease maintanance of multiple stores. So, now you can enjoy it — Magento multi-store functionality. You do not

magento ecommerce  solutions