Sample Product Extension: Let Your Customers Request Samples

Sample product extension

Sampling is an easy and effective way to promote products and help customers purchase products that best suit their needs. For example, when a customer is in a typical type of brick-and-mortar store, sample products is an already “built in” option that helps customers make a choice; something that online stores rarely offer. Imagine that

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Product Types And Their Creation in Magento 2

Magento supports six product types that differ in behavior and attributes. And even though the Magento development team has re-thought the way products are created in Magento, the product types are still the same ones we’ve come to know and love from Magento 1x: Simple product Grouped product Bundle product Configurable product Virtual product Downloadable

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Mega-menu for Magento: Examples, Tips, Solutions

The use of mega-menus is nothing new, e-commerce giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google Play have done a lot over the years to experiment with these kinds of menus. They’ve become a near necessity for large online stores that have a great number of products and content pages, and make navigation through the store a

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How to Understand Your Developer: Magento-related Terms for Merchants

Magento glossary

If you’re having trouble to understand your Magento developers, here are some terms to get you started. The list is pretty long, but if you make it till the end, it might help you to get the basics of Magento store development and management. A/B testing – a method of comparing two versions (“A” and

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What to Consider When Planning a Magento Store?

Planning Magento store

PLANNING. This is what you should start your online store with. Before the first design is drawn up or the first line of code is written, take the time and think carefully about the project from start to finish and make a plan for your future e-commerce website. No one knows better than you what

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