Icons Set for Online Coffee Store

coffee shop designs

Though we do not post any statistics on how much coffee we consume daily/monthly/yearly as other ecommerce development companies do, but we love coffee. A lot. So, we put our passion to this drink to this nice icons set. Eye-pleasing and clean icons we have created convey the right message to online store visitors and help them easier to navigate

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What to Consider When Planning a Magento Store?

Planning Magento store

PLANNING. This is what you should start your online store with. Before the first design is drawn up or the first line of code is written, take the time and think carefully about the project from start to finish and make a plan for your future e-commerce website. No one knows better than you what

magento ecommerce  solutions

How to Сhoose a Magento Theme

Magento theme

Nowadays, when people have easy access to millions of online shops, it’s a huge challenge to get your shop noticed. It takes seconds for online shop visitors to make the decision weather to stay or to leave a website. And the best way to keep visitors engaged is to invest some time in choosing the

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Mobile Site Design

Mobile design

The web has gone mobile. It’s a fact which nobody will call in question. Consumers increasingly trust the mobile web to search for information and purchase goods and services, which makes it more important than ever for businesses to have an efficient mobile presence. With more than 5.3 billion mobile users worldwide and consumers spending

magento ecommerce  solutions