Typical Magento Features of Tires Stores

In 2017, 73 million cars were produced worldwide – an increase of around 2.4 percent compared to the previous year. In 2018 this positive trend continued. For tire dealers it also means good opportunities for growth. More cars – more tires. In order to grow you need to be fully equipped to meet the expectations

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Best Practices for 404 Error Page

404 page

What 404 page is? The devil is in the details. And, 404 or not Found page is one of the details that you have to keep in mind when creating designs for your online store. The main purpose of the 404 page is to inform your visitors that the page they are looking for does

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Best Practices for Implementing a Store Locator in Magento

Store locator

Although online shopping is a very popular practice these days, it is not uncommon for customers to want to see, touch, smell, compare and better understand the products they consider purchasing. Or they simply do not want to wait a few days for the package to arrive and prefer to visit the nearest store as

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Browser Compatibility for Your Site

Browser compatibility

People use a variety of browsers of their choice, and each site owner or developer understands the importance of proper website rendering in different browsers. Even if developers follow all HTML/CSS coding standards and best practices, there is no guarantee that the site will look the same for all visitors. Sometimes browsers don’t follow all standards

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Icons Set for Online Food Store

Magento integration with Amazon and Ebay

Food businesses face stiff competition. And when it comes to creating excellent customer experience, every single detail matters. Even such a tiny and seemingly not important thing like website icons may improve online customer experience. Properly designed icons help users not only better understand information but also easier navigate through the store. We have created a set

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How to Build a Better Product Page in Magento

The purpose of any product page is to introduce the product within a few seconds and to get the customer to add it to cart. Basically, it’s not a rocket science to create a page that converts, but it’s where a lot of ecommerce businesses fail. In this article we are going to review a

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Magento Fashion Themes Overview

Fashion Magento themes

If you are about to launch a new ecommerce website or modernise the existing one, and you are tight with your budget, the best way to get up and running quickly is to use a ready design theme. For maximum $200 you can have a nicely designed theme with a coulple of additional features. However,

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Navigation in Magento Online Stores

Magento online store navigation

Designers try to bring as much offline experience into online world whenever possible to ensure the ease of use. However, when speaking of navigation, the experience in brick-and-mortar store and online store are quite different. Have you ever noticed how they place the bread section you aim for somewhere at the end of the shop

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Icons Set for Online Coffee Store

coffee shop designs

Though we do not post any statistics on how much coffee we consume daily/monthly/yearly as other ecommerce development companies do, but we love coffee. A lot. So, we put our passion to this drink to this nice icons set. Eye-pleasing and clean icons we have created convey the right message to online store visitors and help them easier to navigate

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Great Features for Online Fashion Stores

Online fashion market is booming and since you are reading these lines we suppose you have got the idea to build your own fashion website. Sure, there is a lot of room for experimentation. But what techniques really work? What website elements create engaging customer experience that is a pleasure to repeat? We have came

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