How to Improve Magento Website Search. Almost Everything You Have to Know

Magento search

The purpose of any e-commerce website is to make finding and buying products as easy and convenient as possible for visitors. More and more, consumers are using on-site search to find what they are looking for quickly. And, you may be already familiar with statistics saying that a visitor who searches your site is more

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Webinar: Practical Usability Guidelines for e-Commerce. Part II

Usability webinar

Based on many years of its experience in ecommerce site development Magecom has conducted a webinar about key points of improving of websites, which covers the following issues: Checkout process: how to optimize your checkout process to avoid a shopping cart abandonment; Navigation: help shoppers to achieve their goals fast and easy. It is now

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Webinar: Usability Guidelines for e-Commerce. Part I

Usability for ecommerce webinar

This webinar conducted by our team is devoted to explaining the importance of usability in regard to websites and how a user-friendly website makes it easy for your customers to shop and navigate the entire order process on your website smoothly. It  covers such aspects as: navigation issues readability issues page load time explain how

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Marketing and UX

Marketing and UX. Both play very important roles in making online businesses successful. There is a lot in common between them. Nevertheless, the purposes of marketing and UX and the ways, they use to achieve these purposes, differ from each other. So lets consider the two in details. What is MARKETING about? Marketing is based

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How to Optimize Your Checkout Process to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Checkout process

Improving the checkout process In order to make your online shop user-friendly, you have to focus on the improvement of the checkout process. According to numerous usability tests this is the spot where shoppers abandon their carts to never come back again. Although there are easy steps that may crucially cut your online shop cart

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Ultimate Usability Checklist for e-Commerce Checkout


Developing the user-friendly checkout for ecommerce websites can be very tricky job. Customers have different preferences and it is not easy to meet everyone’s expectations. But there are some basic guidelines it is advisable to follow when designing ecommerce checkout. Do yourself and your customers a favor by following these guidelines: provide an access to

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E-shop Navigation: Help Shoppers to Achieve Their Goals Fast and Easy

website navigation

Every shopper should be able to look at a page in your website and answer the questions: Where am I? Where have I been? Where can I go? What is here? Navigation Structure There are many ways to build a successful and reliable ecommerce navigation system for your online shop: First rate navigation: for content

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Checkout. Better Customer Experience

Better checkout

No one likes abandoned carts. According to statistics about 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned sometime during the checkout process. And the best way to prevent it – and to create a better online experience for your customers – is to optimize the checkout process. So let’s start by going over the factors

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Usability for e-Commerce – Content Issues

Usability. Content issues

Headings are descriptive and clear Most people don’t read online, they scan the page. Use headings to set content apart and keep it organized. Headings should be clear and descriptive. Critical content is above the fold The “fold” is an imaginary line where the bottom of your screen cuts off a page. Average screen resolution 

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Usability for E-commerce – Navigation issues

Usability. Content issues

Navigation usability is a broad topic; right now we will cover some of the basic points. Main navigation is easily identifiable Every website has had a main menu since the first browsers came on the market. Make your main navigation easy to find, read, and use. There are many factors involved in creating successful navigational

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