Checkout in Magento 2

Checking out is without a doubt, the most essential part of an ecommerce store. And most online buyers expect it to be clear, smooth, and simple. But sometimes that’s harder than it looks. According to Baymard Institute statistics, about 27% of customers don’t actually reach the final checkout stage because of long and complicated checkout

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Best Practices for 404 Error Page

404 page

What 404 page is? The devil is in the details. And, 404 or not Found page is one of the details that you have to keep in mind when creating designs for your online store. The main purpose of the 404 page is to inform your visitors that the page they are looking for does

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Browser Compatibility for Your Site

Browser compatibility

People use a variety of browsers of their choice, and each site owner or developer understands the importance of proper website rendering in different browsers. Even if developers follow all HTML/CSS coding standards and best practices, there is no guarantee that the site will look the same for all visitors. Sometimes browsers don’t follow all standards

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How to Build a Better Product Page in Magento

The purpose of any product page is to introduce the product within a few seconds and to get the customer to add it to cart. Basically, it’s not a rocket science to create a page that converts, but it’s where a lot of ecommerce businesses fail. In this article we are going to review a

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Jewellery E-commerce Website Icon Pack

Jewelery icons

Elegant jewellery icons will give the design of your ecommerce site a special flavour.

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Checkout. Better Customer Experience

Better checkout

No one likes abandoned carts. According to statistics about 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned sometime during the checkout process. And the best way to prevent it – and to create a better online experience for your customers – is to optimize the checkout process. So let’s start by going over the factors

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How to Сhoose a Magento Theme

Magento theme

Nowadays, when people have easy access to millions of online shops, it’s a huge challenge to get your shop noticed. It takes seconds for online shop visitors to make the decision weather to stay or to leave a website. And the best way to keep visitors engaged is to invest some time in choosing the

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