How to Add Microdata to Magento 1x

Microdata in Magento

Previously in our blog, we have concentrated on content that may be useful for online merchants and those who want to move their businesses online. However, over the years, our team generated a lot of useful content for Magento developers as well, and it’s about time to share that with the community. Our first article

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Mega-menu for Magento: Examples, Tips, Solutions

The use of mega-menus is nothing new, e-commerce giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google Play have done a lot over the years to experiment with these kinds of menus. They’ve become a near necessity for large online stores that have a great number of products and content pages, and make navigation through the store a

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Browser Compatibility for Your Site

Browser compatibility

People use a variety of browsers of their choice, and each site owner or developer understands the importance of proper website rendering in different browsers. Even if developers follow all HTML/CSS coding standards and best practices, there is no guarantee that the site will look the same for all visitors. Sometimes browsers don’t follow all standards

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How to Build a Better Product Page in Magento

The purpose of any product page is to introduce the product within a few seconds and to get the customer to add it to cart. Basically, it’s not a rocket science to create a page that converts, but it’s where a lot of ecommerce businesses fail. In this article we are going to review a

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Payment Gateways for Magento

Payment gateways

For those who own a Magento or any other e-commerce website, having a suitable payment gateway is really essential. This web-based service is an important piece of the online transaction puzzle that allows merchants to accept credit card payments online. The main job of the payment gateway is collection and encryption of sensitive customer information,

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