Icons Set for Online Food Store

Magento integration with Amazon and Ebay

Food businesses face stiff competition. And when it comes to creating excellent customer experience, every single detail matters. Even such a tiny and seemingly not important thing like website icons may improve online customer experience. Properly designed icons help users not only better understand information but also easier navigate through the store. We have created a set

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Jewellery E-commerce Website Icon Pack

Jewelery icons

Elegant jewellery icons will give the design of your ecommerce site a special flavour.

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12 Essential Elements for a Successful Online Shop

12 essential elements for successful online shop

There is no handbook as such that sets the industry standards for merchants to succeed. However, there are basic factors and tricks that can be used to help you get more clients on board and retain them. Let us dive a bit deeper into those insights.  1. Shop design When it comes to winning a

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