Magento web development: unleash the power of online retail

With Magento, you can launch an intuitive and powerful online store to boost your sales and provide your customers with a smooth shopping experience.

According to Magento, more than 250,000 merchants worldwide, including leading brands, choose Magento stores as their preferred ecommerce solution due to high customization and usability. If you decide to go for Magento web development, you can drive your online store with Magento’s out-of-the-box features powered by Adobe.

On the inside of Magento

  • Magento websites handle high-volume businesses with a wide variety of products, which makes it a firm and strong basis for future growth.
  • Extensive customization benefits the implementation of the unique and exclusive Magento web design.
  • High-quality extensions in Magento Marketplace offer unlimited integrations to extend the native powers, automate business processes, and make use of marketing efforts.
  • SEO with Magento becomes effective, allowing your Magento development agency to optimize website content for better ranking in search engines and attracting more organic traffic.
  • Websites in Magento have built-in sales and marketing functionality, such as integrations with marketplaces, advanced sales strategies, effective promotion campaigns, omnichannel practices, customer reward programs, extensive analytics reports, and targeting promotions to reach specific customer segments.
  • Thanks to exclusive B2B features and tools for businesses, companies receive the possibility to easily manage their internal information, quickly order and re-order, and define roles and permissions inside a company.

Going a long way

Reaping benefits of Magento development service to know how to attract more traffic and convert it
Bringing Magento power into action with platform customization opportunities and extensions
Placing your Magento store on the system that has enough space to scale up as your business grows

Any questions left?

01. How does Magento ecommerce development drive retail business?

Magento is a highly customizable, flexible, and feature-rich solution suitable for B2B and B2C businesses. With a large number of integrations available, Magento stores can be equipped with essential features, such as payment methods, content management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, ticketing for customer service, etc.

Magento development services also include the adaptable design for mobile apps, which makes one of today’s most important things possible – mobile shopping on the go.

02. What to consider while hiring Magento developers?

Hiring the right Magento partner is the key to getting the most out of this platform. One of the first criteria people check while scrolling through tons of Magento development agencies on the internet is their portfolios. Of course, a portfolio is an essential part of getting great specialists into your team. Yet, there are other marks that will indicate whether you should go for one or another partner.

đźź Check Magento certifications

Certifications indicate how your partner can take all the Magento benefits to satisfy your business needs. Depending on the Magento certification, you can ensure that your potential partner or team has the knowledge and skills to customize source code, test, and troubleshoot, as well as deploy a Magento website in the cloud.

đźź Check Adobe partnership status

If your prospective partner passes Adobe Solutions Partnership Program, you can be sure they have ecommerce and Magento expertise and implementations. Moreover, Adobe partnership status indicates that your Magento website development will go a full cycle, including design, development, integration, and marketing.

By the way, Magecom’s engineers successfully passed 40+ Adobe certifications of different complexity — Expert, Master, and Professional. Meanwhile, the agency is an official Adobe partner, which allows us to stay tuned for more news regarding the latest releases, upgrades, and opportunities for our clients.

03. Does Magento offer possibilities for multi-channel commerce?

Yes. Magento web development can ensure the creation of a unified space for business and end clients, where they will get access to every channel and brand available in the online store. Your ecommerce solution can be personalized up to your client needs and scaled up once your business attracts more customers.

04. Does SEO with Magento contribute to better organic traffic attraction?

Magento offers out-of-the-box solutions for SEO. So growing your business with SEO on a Magento website becomes much more achievable from the very start. The platform’s in-built features, such as sitemap.xml, robots.txt, and page redirects, save considerable time to improve SEO rank with Magento.

However, keep in mind that these features only contribute to better marketing. SEO for Magento websites still requires a specialist who will polish your website content for first-page ranking in Google.