Tempting Look & Feel

Attract more customers with stunning design

Enhance your brand image with world-class, user-centered UX/UI design. Create a seamless shopping journey for your customers by strategically aligning intuitive navigation with next-level online store appeal.

Aim for stars

  • Design aligns with the value
    proposition of a store

  • Efficient information

  • Effective usability
    and consistent navigation

  • Skyrocketing
    user engagement

  • Consistent and attractive

  • Modern and user-friendly

Tempting Look
& Feel

Create strong brand identity and improve customer engagement with our team bringing your ideas to life through creative and impactful UI/UX web design

  • UI/UX Design

    Create a user-friendly design that meets the needs of the target audience and represent the value proposition of the store.

  • Website Redesign

    Recreate an online store’s appeal based on the eCommerce design best practices.
    Add a creative touch to your website.

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How to Start

  • 01/


    We outline the store’s goals, identify the target audience, and collect information about the brand and
    its competitors to prepare the design that fits the store’s niche

  • 02/


    We develop a visual representation of the design, including the layout, color scheme,
    and imagery, taking into account intuitive navigation and a brand’s value

  • 03/

    Design & Refining

    We create a design for an online store based on our developments and your feedback.
    We refine the design to make it flawless. We adapt design for different devices and screen sizes.

What We Do

Committed to a set of core principles,
our dream team operates with unwavering
integrity, transparency, and a genuine passion for our craft.

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Magecom Performed Tasks very Diligently and Efficiently”

Magecom established a smooth workflow through clear communication and timely deliveries. They were professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Their productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness were hallmarks of their work.

Tamara Bakhia

E- Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager


Any questions left?

What to consider when looking for UI/UX design services?

When seeking a team of web designers, it’s essential to consider their experience, portfolio, collaboration and communication skills, and knowledge in user research. Also, make sure your team or agency of choice has up-to-date technology and design tools and can deliver within your budget and timeframe without sacrificing quality.

What’s the difference: UI design vs UX design?

UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design are two distinct disciplines within the field of design that work together to create a successful online store.

🟠 UI design focuses on the visual elements of the eCommerce shop, such as the layout, typography, color scheme, and icons. The goal of UI design is to create a visually appealing interface that is easy to navigate and use.

🟠 UX design, on the other hand, is connected to the overall experience of the user when interacting with the website. This includes everything from how easy it is to find information and complete tasks to the emotional response of the user. UX design aims to create a site that is useful, usable, and engaging for the user.

What does the UX design process include?

UX web design creation typically includes the following steps:

  • 📍 Research: Collection of the information about the target users, their needs, and the context in which they will land on the online store.
  • 📍 User personas: Based on the research, user personas are created to represent the different types of users that will interact with the store.
  • 📍 Information Architecture: Creation of the structure of the store, including the organization of content and functionality.
  • 📍 Wireframing: Mapping out a low-fidelity representation of the store’s layout and functionality.
  • 📍 Prototyping: Coming up with a high-fidelity representation of the online store that allows users to interact with it and provide feedback.
  • 📍 Usability Testing: This involves testing the store with real users to identify any issues and gather feedback.
  • 📍 Iteration: Based on the results of usability testing, the UX designer makes changes and continues to refine the design.

Why work with an eCommerce web design agency?

An eCommerce design company has the expertise and experience to create effective and visually appealing online shops tailored to your business needs. The team of professional UI/UX designers can ensure that your store offers a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.