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Grow your business with a website that converts. Create more value for your customers and reap the benefits from website visits with CRO eCommerce best practices.

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  • Standardized data across
    different systems & locations

  • Lack of engagement
    with the website or content

  • Lower bounce rates
    like never before

  • Lower cart abandonment
    & checkout rates

  • Product pages that persuade
    visitors to purchase

  • Mobile-friendly experience


Get an insight into your business with an alternative perspective by finding a reliable partner for UX/CRO & digital marketing works

  • UX Audit

    Conduct research on user behavior, preferences, and needs to understand how they interact with your website.

  • CRO Audit

    Analyze and evaluate a website to identify areas that can be improved to increase conversions by making data-driven recommendations for optimization.

  • Conversion Funnel Optimization

    Improve the different stages that a potential customer goes through before making a purchase

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

    Create visual representations of the website to test the layout and functionality before development.

  • Design & Development

    Design and develop the website to be visually appealing, responsive, easy to use, and what is more — conversion-friendly.

  • A/B Testing

    Test different versions of the website to determine which version performs better.

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    We identify and analyze your requirements based on the brief you filled out. We also conduct a thorough analysis of the website data to identify bottlenecks that prevent conversions

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    You’ll receive a presentation, which includes a list of bottlenecks, our ideas on eliminating them, and clear, specific, measurable results

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    Interface design

    It usually goes in two stages. First of all,
    wireframes creation and then control over the designer’s UI so that the layout matches the wireframes

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Any questions left?

What is the best conversion strategy?

To develop an effective CRO strategy, you should:

  • ✅ Understand the target audience and create buyer personas;
  • ✅ Clearly communicate a unique value proposition;
  • ✅ Optimize UX, including clear calls to action and streamlined checkout processes;
  • ✅ Use data and analytics to inform decisions and make data-driven improvement;
  • ✅ Continually test and iterate the strategy over time.

What conversion rate optimization tools are popular?

There are many conversion rate optimization tools available, and the efficiency of specific software can vary depending on the business’s needs. However, here are some tools for CRO we recommend using:

  • 🟠 Google Analytics: a free tool that provides detailed website analytics and user behavior data.
  • 🟠 Hotjar: an optimization tool that offers heatmaps, user session recordings, and feedback polls to help businesses understand user behavior and optimize their website accordingly.
  • 🟠 Optimizely: an A/B testing platform that enables businesses to test different website variations to improve conversion rates.
  • 🟠 Crazy Egg: a website optimization tool that provides heatmaps, scroll maps, and other visualizations to help businesses understand how users are interacting with their store.

How to increase conversion rate in eCommerce?

To increase conversion rates for an online store, you need to personalize the shopping experience for each customer. This involves optimized store’s UX, smooth navigation, personalized product recommendations based on customers’ browsing and purchase history.

Additionally, you can use email marketing to nurture leads and provide customers with targeted offers and promotions.

What are common CRO recommendations?

Online shop owners can follow several common CRO tips to improve website performance and drive sales. These include:

  • 🟠 Conducting user research;
  • 🟠 Implementing clear calls to action;
  • 🟠 Optimizing website design;
  • 🟠 Creating targeted landing pages;
  • 🟠 Using high-quality media;
  • 🟠 Providing personalized recommendations;
  • 🟠 Simplifying the checkout process;
  • 🟠 Offering promotions and discounts.