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Developing an MVP for the React Native River Navigation App

BrandRiver Navigation App
About client
River navigation is an application for people who love kayaking on one of the biggest rivers in France. It gives them the ability to create, edit, and keep track of their routes in real-time extending 60 km between Mayenne and the south of Château-Gontier.
Client in figures

1K+ installs on Google Play
95M app size on App Store
82M app size on Google Play

Project description


The main challenge for us was the fact that Google maps service can’t find a route when users are on rivers, as it only works with roads. This is where we had to work to find another solution.

The only data we could rely on were positions of river locks, and average travel time from one to the other. So, we decided to use this time and calculate the current kayak position using the Pythagorean theorem. Sounds easy, but it wasn’t really like that ?


To make a long story short, we’ll say that we divided the development process into three phases.

Phase 1: MVP. This first version of the app didn’t contain much. We’d made a loading screen, a home page with a map that didn’t contain directions, main menu, a ‘Lock details’ screen, and a tutorial with a video that can be played even if there’s no Internet connection.

Phase 2: News management and alerts. Throughout this phase, we added some alert messages, an ‘Information’ screen, and an ‘Alerts and news details’ screen.

Phase 3: Route management. This phase was complex and really time-consuming because it involved route management logic implementation. While working on this phase we added a kayak current position tracking logic, ‘Route details’ screen, ‘Add route’ screen, and updated the Home page with a map that also contained the route.


We developed an MVP of the app to provide the client with an initial appearance and get their feedback to improve its parts and be on the same page with the client. We also implemented news management and alert messages into the application and introduced the route management logic to make it possible for users to track their current position.

  • mobile app development
  • MVP development
  • News management and alerts