10 Best Apps For Shopify Online Stores To Increase Conversion

In October 2019, Shopify announced that more than one million merchants sell products on this platform.

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It means that it’s not enough to manage the store and process orders to attract new customers and increase sales in a market with such a massive number of players. If you feel stable in the industry, it’s time to set ambitious goals and boost your business with new functionality and applications.

Shopify Checkout & Carts Apps

#1 One‑Click Checkout

In one of our recent articles, How To Return Customers Who Have Abandoned Their Carts, we’ve already told how important it is to avoid a difficult checkout process. According to the Baymard Institute, the most common reason users leave shopping carts is checkouts that are too complicated and long.

One‑Click Checkout improves the user experience and makes it more convenient for visitors to purchase in one step. Visitors can decide on the express checkout process by clicking ‘Buy now’. If a user selects the second option, the customizable pop-up appears.

The Neverland Designs

Main Features

  • ✔ Single-click ordering feature on the homepage and other webstore pages;
  • ✔ Option to send visitors to checkout immediately or show them a cart pop-up after clicking “Add to cart”;
  • ✔ Flexible design and settings of a cart pop-up;
  • ✔ Integration with Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics — clicking on “Add to cart” or “Buy now” buttons are tracked as events there.


Free trial: 7 days

#2 Gift Box — Free Gift Motivator

It’s a Shopify gift app that motivates your customers to order more items in your store and increases their loyalty. Set up a list of specific conditions and settings and let your customers receive a free gift with every order, which will make them come back to the store again and again.

Radiance Fireplaces

Main Features

  • ✔ Multiple gift types, such as products, packaging, shipping, warranty, and custom ones;
  • ✔ Unlimited amount of gifts and services that can be added to the gift box of your Shopify store;
  • ✔ Dynamic calculating the remaining spend for users to get a reward or service;
  • ✔ Customizable appearance and rules that are applied to add gifts to the cart.


Free trial: 14 days

#3 Quick Mini Cart

According to the Sale Cycle Report, the average cart abandonment rate is 79.17%. One of the efficient techniques to decrease the abandonment rate is to install a Shopify mini cart, which allows users to immediately see their shopping cart without going to a specific page. Also, it’s available in two types — cart dropdown and drawer. You can replace the standard cart, if it’s necessary and customize it with a promotional text or design.


Main Features

  • ✔ Auto-refreshing and opening the cart when a user adds the item;
  • ✔ Perfect compatibility with the majority of Shopify themes;
  • ✔ Adaptation to different mobile capabilities.


Free trial: No

Top Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

#4 Ultimate Countdown Timer

One of the useful tricks that can help you to increase revenue in your store is to develop a sense of urgency for visitors and a fear of missing out on something important. The free countdown timer app promotes limited offers and discounts on Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

My Big Fat Store

Main Features

  • ✔ Flexible settings and the option to show a countdown timer on the entire website or particular webpages;
  • ✔ Customizable design;
  • ✔ Paid option — show countdown timer depending on the country or region of a user.


Free trial: No

#5 Free Shipping Bar

More than 79% of US consumers admit that they would like to make a purchase if there is an option to receive free shipping, as stated in the Walker Sands survey. You can inform customers about such a bonus and its conditions using a text box in the bar above or below. For example, you can offer Shopify free shipping over a certain amount or on specific products.

Tommy Breeze

Main Features

  • ✔ Option to show different messages depending on user behavior — when customers put more items in the shopping carts or when they complete the conditions to get free shipping;
  • ✔ Analytical reports that demonstrate the efficiency of each bar and allow conducting A/B testing;
  • ✔ Customizable and responsive design that supports emojis.


Free trial: No

#6 Spin Wheel to Win — Spin a Sale

You can stand out from the competition and increase the engagement rate by using an interactive pop-up. The app provides a gamified wheel, which offers visitors a range of bonuses and prizes in return for an email address.

Sunshine & Cocoa Inc

Main Features

  • ✔ Entry or exit pop-up — a wheel appears depending on the user behavior and your goals of engaging or retaining a visitor;
  • ✔ Auto-generation of coupons for users who win discounts and prizes;
  • ✔ Integration with Mailchimp & Klaviyo — emails are automatically saved in the subscribers’ lists;
  • ✔ Extensive analytic reports for monitoring efficiency.


Free trial: No

Product & Photo Reviews Shopify Apps

#7 Loox — Photo Reviews

As shown in Testimonial Engine, 72% of consumers won’t take actions, such as purchasing, until they read reviews. It will be even nicer if reviews contain real photos, which is a functionality Loox provides. You can collect images from your customers in return for discounts and arrange them into the specific block on the website. Moreover, it’s an excellent practice to gain trust, showcase your product in action for visitors, and persuade them to make an order.

Snugg Paws

Main Features

  • ✔ Importing photo reviews of your products from any resource with a single click;
  • ✔ Moderating option — you choose which reviews are added to the photo gallery;
  • ✔ Auto-sending reminder emails to customers with a request to publish reviews;
  • ✔ Integration with a range of services and systems — Klaviyo, Recart, PushOwl, Google Shopping, Aftership, Facebook Pixel, etc.


Free trial: Yes, 14 days

#8 Judge.me Product Reviews

Social proof can be displayed via any content — photo, video, or text. That’s exactly what Judge.me offers. The application sends your customers reminder emails with an embed form, which they complete. Then it automatically appears in the review carousel or product pages.

Sea Glass Designs

Main Features

  • ✔ Reviews can be placed at the product pages or arranged into the homepage carousel;
  • ✔ Apart from your store, reviews can also be shown in different resources — Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook;
  • ✔ Various additional sections and tabs are available — Q&A, custom forms, and questions.


Free trial: No

Upsell And Cross Sell Shopify Apps

#9 Frequently Bought Together

As reported by Sumo, upselling tricks increase revenue by 10 to 30% on average. Frequently Bought Together is a Shopify app, which is similar to Amazon’s algorithm of offering users a bunch of recommended items that are generated based on previous purchases. You can increase the cart value and drive sales significantly.

Tickless USA

Main Features

  • ✔Various algorithms — you can set automatic selection of smart recommendations or fine-tune them manually for every item;
  • ✔ Option to launch sales and discounts on the bundles of products — for this purpose, the coupons are generated automatically within the app;
  • ✔ Integration with other apps — Yotpo Reviews, Judge.me Reviews, Loox Reviews, Stamped.io Reviews, etc.;
  • ✔ Customizable user interface and design, which perfectly suit your store.


Free trial: Yes, 30 days

#10 Candy Rack — One Click Upsell

The app provides displaying upsell, cross sell, gifts, and product bundles pop-ups, which are generated based on API. You can easily change bundle prices, and users can add these products to the cart with one click.

Painted Feels

Main Features

  • ✔ In-depth reports for monitoring and optimizing the pop-up windows performance;
  • ✔ Design responsiveness and adaptation to different devices.


Free trial: Yes, 14 days

Final Words

This essential list of Shopify apps will definitely impact your store conversions, reduce cart abandonment and bounce rates, and increase the average purchase value, customer retention, and time spent on the webpages.

We will keep on talking about how to upgrade your Shopify business and take it to a new level in the following articles.

If you experience difficulties with installing or fine-tuning any application, we’ll be glad to help you. As a result, your Shopify store with installed applications will work without bugs, according to your expectations.

Therefore, if you have any questions about custom Shopify apps, please fill out the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.