15 Best Shopify Themes 2022 For Any Type Of Ecommerce Business

We've gathered a list of the best Shopify themes with a description of their features to make the fastest-growing Shopify stores. Choose the Best.

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Shopify is a pervasive ecommerce platform. It fuels more than one million websites worldwide, including Pepsi, Budweiser, Penguin Books, Tesla Motors, and Red Bull.

Shopify is attractive because it allows the launching of a store in a few clicks. This article will talk about the best Shopify themes, packed with all the necessary features and more! Consider them to make the fastest-growing Shopify site.

Top Minimal Shopify Themes and Shopify Theme Development


The Wookie Shopify theme is one of the most popular ones. Merchants appreciate the opportunities it provides. The theme consists of all the features and tools you may need for running a Shopify site. It offers a seamless and fast user experience that meets the latest market requirements. Due to many layouts and styles, you will be able to arrange products any way you want.

Cost: $89


The Porto Shopify theme is a premium theme that includes more than 20 layouts and styles. Also, it provides you with a specific content management system that allows you to make changes to the design with ease. With this responsive theme, you will be able to give your competitors a good run for their money!

Cost: $99



This Pipeline theme has a modern minimalist design. Besides standard features, it consists of advanced ones. For example, it enables you to use a multi-column menu, add filtering by brand, type, color, and showcase large images. Pipeline is provided in three modes: light, dark, and bright. But the most impressive feature probably is a parallax effect that makes scrolling deep and beautiful.

Cost: $280


The Vantage theme Shopify is developed for those who want to put content first. The theme is extremely flexible and can be customized in numerous ways. It consists of four styles: Clean, Mono, Reclaimed, and Black. Also, Vantage is fully packed with great features you’ll definitely be interested in. It allows viewing product details right from the category page, zooming in pictures, displaying several products on a homepage in a row, encouraging visitors to signup by popups, etc. It isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it!

Cost: $240


Perfectly optimized for large stores, this theme can help you to provide a seamless and coherent user experience. It enables you to choose between four styles, operate with long-form homepage, and arrange categories in a multi-level menu. Moreover, the Symmetry Shopify theme includes many advanced features. It allows you to mix all types of content on a homepage because the rows are fully customizable. The functionality also allows ‌for adding items to the cart directly from a page a user is browsing.

Cost: $250

Best Free Shopify Themes


If you sell apparel, consider downloading this best free Shopify theme for clothing stores. Since Brooklyn is officially supported by Shopify, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of the product. 74% of users are satisfied with the theme. You can read all the reviews on the ShopifyThemes website.

The Brooklyn Shopify theme includes all the functionality you may need while selling online. It allows ‌for playing videos on a homepage, rearranging the product grid, and showcasing multiple pictures at the top of a landing page.

Cost: Free


Perfectly designed for websites with a small number of products, the Shopify theme Narrative will help you to represent your brand efficiently and comprehensively. It allows the creation of a seamless user experience and story-telling about your brand. Show customers what you offer and why you’re the best!

It’s also the best free Shopify theme for single product stores, as it meets all the requirements you may have. It provides you with the opportunity to autoplay video on a top of a homepage, anchor a header while a user is scrolling a page, and add customizable image blocks, quotes, etc.

Cost: Free


It is developed as the best Shopify theme for large catalogs. Besides two styles (Wood and Metal), it offers you many great features, such as the search that predicts queries, subscription popups, and even indicators that show how many items are still in stock. The latter is a psychological trick that boosts conversions since people tend to purchase products that sell well.

Cost: $250


Boost is provided in three styles: Flourish, Spark, and Inspire. Choose the one that will perfectly match your brand identity guidelines. The theme is extremely flexible and can be modified in a way you need. It can cover almost all business needs, whatever requirements you have.

It allows promoting products in a variety of ways, hinting users during the search, adding color swatches, and displaying products on content pages. The latter is significant when you attract customers with blog posts. You can write articles about your products and offer people to buy them right from the article page. This approach may boost sales because many people will not leave your store to find the product somewhere on the Internet.

Cost: $250


We’ve already shown you great themes for small and large stores. What about middle-sized ones? Shopify’s got them! Have a look at the Mobilia Shopify theme. It is an amazing theme with a stylish, outstanding design and a wide range of content management possibilities. Specially made for middle-sized businesses, it enables you to show menu lists on a homepage, add an instant buy button, and share FAQs with customers on a separate page.

Cost: $180


The Shopify theme Empire is built for extra-large catalogs. This theme is for you if your store processes a large number of payments, shipments, and orders. It is ideal for B2C or C2C businesses. It supports Shopify filters, an instant buy option, and a search that anticipates customers’ queries. It’s fully packed with functionality that allows you to run promotions, offer gift discounts, and encourage visitors to purchase similar products.

Cost: $300

Palo Alto

This theme provides you with extensive functionality to sell products and tell stories simultaneously. You can choose from three minimalistic designs and decide which of them will perfectly fit your brand image. The Palo Alto Shopify theme also supports large pictures, responsive multi-level navigation, drop-down menus, and an instant buy button, among other features. It also allows you to display your customers’ testimonials and quotes. This theme is appropriate for small or medium businesses.

Cost: $250


There are tons of great ecommerce and one-stop website features here that should help make your store a success:.fast loading speed optimization, drag & drop price slider, 1000+ live customization options, multi-purpose design, and powerful admin panel. It is designed for all types of online stores.

Avone will work well for your Shopify store as the design is pretty minimal and gives your site a modern look.

Cost: $55

Best Shopify Themes for Clothing


With this theme, your Shopify store can have a large full-size slider above the fold, ready to greet your visitors with some high-quality photos of your products or just some inspirational images to help tell your brand’s story.

It’s easy to edit the demo slider and add your own content. The rest of your store’s home page might include a panel that displays your featured products, a section to promote your featured product collections, and a place to list any products on offer.

Cost: $180


It is a highly flexible theme that can be customized to help you launch a unique ecommerce store for your business.

This theme has over 50 ecommerce store demos covering a wide range of products and online store types. Whether you’re looking for a versatile theme to help you create multiple stores, or just looking for a high-quality template for your new online store, Roxxe deserves further exploration.

Cost: $29

Final Words

There are many more themes on the official website. Take into account that all of them include the following features:

  • Customizable blocks on a homepage;
  • SEO tools;
  • Drop-down menus;
  • Free updates;
  • Possibility to add social media icons;
  • Out-of-box styles and color sets.

All the themes mentioned in this article are mobile-friendly, so you will not need to make them scalable. They already are! And you’re not obliged to pay before the trial. All the mentioned themes provide you with a two week trial period for free. Besides, you can watch a demo version of each item and decide which Shopify theme will meet your business needs better.

We wish you luck with choosing your best Shopify theme, and if you have any questions or need a professional hint on setting up or updating Shopify theme, we are here for you! Contact us via the form, and we will be glad to help you!