Adobe expressed support for merchants around the world because of the emergency situation in the world and the economical load on small and medium-sized businesses. A couple of days ago, they announced that they are providing businesses with their resources and solutions.

Which Programs Adobe Offers

  • 3 free months of Magento Commerce & Marketo Engage usage. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who are at the stage of considering an option to run an online store on either Marketo Engage or Magento Commerce.
  • Magento Commerce launch packaging.
  • 3 free months of access to courses at Magento University and Marketo University.
  • Acrobat PDF free usage through May 31 (maximum 10 times a day). Convert various formats and files to PDFs and then compress them with a couple of clicks.
  • 90 free days of Adobe Connect to arrange virtual meetings and organize conferences and training. You can use rooms with a maximum number of 25 participants after a trial license is signed up for.
  • Free Adobe Talent usage through May 15. Adobe provides full access to career opportunities through Adobe Talent on Behance.
  • Free Adobe Portfolio usage through May 15.

Besides, we have recently written a news post that Adobe Summit 2020 is canceled this year. Instead, it will be going online through April 2, so take your chance!