Christmas Last Minute Tips On Magento 2

If you’re not sure how to tune your Magento 2 store for Christmas, check this article for some tips

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Christmas is one of the most emotionally-charged family holidays of the year, and the main problem your customers are going to need to solve will be: “What do I buy for my loved ones? . So, to help them solve it, in your Christmas related marketing campaign focus on making your products look special to convey a warm and magical atmosphere of the holiday.

If you’re not sure how to tune your Magento 2 store for Christmas, keep reading.

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Unify Your Christmas Promo Across All Channels

Make sure everyone who visits your website, progressive web app, or social media is aware you have special Christmas offers.

Consistent design is key – try to unify your visual content across every channel, and make it stand out on the vibrant market. According to the latest design trends which will be ever present in 2019 are 3D motion designs, minimalistic web designs, 90s style fonts and patterns, visual provocations, and joined-up photographs.

Choosing engaging promo designs for your website last minute may be a tall order so you’d better delegate this responsibility to a professional team of designers such as Magecom. We will consider your vision, business peculiarities and latest trends, add in some magic, and offer the best design solution within a reasonable deadline.

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If there are literally two days left before Christmas and you don’t have time to properly discuss your vision with a team of professionals, there are a bunch of web services ready to help you create trendy animated banners and photos on your own, such as:

Of course, these isn’t a universal remedy, and you won’t be able to implement any design idea you have in mind with their help, but a simple graphic banner can be created for sure.

Add a Pinch of Emotions to Your Product Descriptions

Remember: emotions sell; they’re literally a part of every decision ever made, especially when it comes to presents for our nearest and dearest. Nobody wants to buy “just another teapot”, everyone wants “a teapot with a story behind it”.

So, make sure your product descriptions have a pinch of magic in them. Don’t just describe the technical characteristics, tell a story!

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Special Pricing and Promotions in Magento 2

Christmas brings us one of the biggest sale seasons of the year, so customers expect discounts everywhere based on their experience from the previous years. To meet their expectations, you can utilize one of Magento 2 features called special pricing. Special Pricing allows you to set the discount for each product within a couple of minutes, which come in handy in the pre-Christmas rush. With a default implementation it shows the old price crossed out with the word “was” in front of it, but you can customize it as you wish.

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Leverage the Bundle Product Functionality

In last minute shopping, it’s easy for customers to start panicking, so offering as many themed collections of bundled products as possible is a huge help. Paired products with discounts both look irresistible, and help multiply your average cart spend and conversion rates several times over.

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Here, you can see The Everygirl’s gift guide for the hostess of a party you are invited to last minute and don’t have the slightest idea what to present her with.

Such bundles make good choices and are ideal candidates to be displayed on your Christmas promo banners, social media covers, and email marketing campaigns.

Customize Your Packaging

Packaging is one of the tangible things each of your customers receives with their purchases. So, think over the ways to add Christmas charm to the design of your logo and goods packaging. Create a banner with a photo of your employees merrily packing the goods in special wrapping to make Christmas even warmer for your customers (and get additional branding bonuses!).

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Add a Christmas Countdown to Your Home Page

Not only the children are looking forward to getting their presents and sweets, but a lot of grown-ups, too! People who worked hard all year round are ready for the Christmas break to devote their time to loved ones, and they’re counting the days to it.

For these waiters you can add a Christmas countdown to your landing page to remind them how much time is left, and that they should hurry up to buy one of your amazing gift options!

Or if you use email sending software, you can set up a chain of letters with a Christmas countdown offering bundled products, discounts, delivery on Santa’s sleigh and sheer pleasure of buying from you.

Offer Free Shipping

Do not eschewe one of the most powerful incentives to buy – free shipping. Customers of 2018 have already been spoiled by friendly sites with free shipping, so don’t miss this possibility to sell more. A well-thought-out Christmas promo campaign will attract lots of last minute buyers, and we recommend you extend the free shipping option to the latest date possible.

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Post-Christmas Campaign

When Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean your promo campaign should be over as well. During the post-Christmas period people are tired, genial, and often have several days off in a row that they spend lazily surfing their smartphones. Offer them a “Santa didn’t get me what I wanted” campaign with noticeable discounts for any products you couldn’t get off your balance during Christmas.

Be sure that if you put your heart in your Christmas campaign personalization, even if it’s a last minute one, you’ll have a good chance to increase the number of repeat customers – because everybody remembers warm emotions from a gift chosen with love.

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