Ecommerce Online Business Conferences to Attend in 2020-2021

A list of the biggest and best ecommerce conferences that will take place in 2019 that you should consider attending for inspiration.

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Ecommerce is an extremely competitive market, and in such an environment, it’s vital to be in touch with the latest industry news and technologies.

This gap is filled with ecommerce conferences, which bring together merchants, retailers, developers, marketers, designers, and other professionals who work within the industry.

Just a few benefits as to why it’s worth attending an online conference:

  1. Trends. Staying in touch with modern trends and tendencies is a must-have item for those who want to sell online. Fashion rules the market and makes people buy particular brands. Also, new technologies make people’s life more convenient, and implementing them is about keeping customers loyal.
  2. Like-minded people. Conferences, even online ones, allow you to meet people virtually who feel the same way you do about the topics that matter most to you. You can discuss common pain points and share the experience with them. Successful cases allow you to choose the right direction to grow your business while the less successful ventures of others’ help you avoid bad decisions.
  3. Development partners. Visiting conferences allows you to find an ecommerce development partner like us to fulfill your project. Even if you already have an online business, you may need to implement some new features and add-ons, so you can attend a conference to choose from different companies that provide a similar service.

As you see, such events give participants ideas and new opportunities. Below you’ll find a list of the biggest and best online conferences in 2020-2021 that you should consider attending for inspiration.

Online Ecommerce Conferences in August 2020
Online Ecommerce Conferences in September 2020

Online Ecommerce Conferences in October 2020
Online Ecommerce Conferences in November 2020

Online Ecommerce Conferences in August 2020

DCKAP eSessions 2020

A bunch of online sessions about digital transformation will be useful for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, as you’ll discover which platform to choose for your online store, how to create an omnichannel shopping experience, and develop strategies that can help you increase sales.

Date: August 11
Price: Free

Digital Food & Beverage Virtual Event

The food & beverage industry is diverse and vast, and the market players of different sizes face pretty similar challenges, which are the agenda of the event. You’ll have an opportunity to listen to reports of seasoned experts and leaders, who will share their insights and solutions on how to meet customer demands and increase their engagement.

Date: August 18–19
Price: Free

Mobile Connect Virtual Event

The online conference deals with creating high-quality content and personalized experience, optimizing the mobile checkout process, and analyzing the performance of the ads.

One of the strong points of the event is that it’s a platform for sharing ideas and expertise so that you can take part in virtual interactive roundtables, panel discussions, and 1:1 meetings.

Date: August 19–20
Price: Free

eTail Connect Virtual Event

If you are searching for a business event valuable for ecommerce and digital marketing specialists, this one will be the perfect one. Take part in networking activities with other senior-level experts, explore how to introduce personalization for conversion optimization, create an advertisement strategy, and apply the latest trends.

Date: August 24–25
Price: Free

B2B Online Virtual Event

Find helpful insights on how to transform the B2B business — rework the supply chain, create tailored marketing plans, and meet changing customer expectations — from the senior manufacturers and executives of such companies as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

Date: August 26–27
Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in September 2020

E-Commerce Strategies Virtual Event

Discover new business opportunities by exploring the keynotes of the ecommerce representatives and leading influencers from the Netherlands. You’ll find out how to improve customer engagement, use analytics to boost business processes and keep up with the latest digital news.

Date: September 2
Price: Not specified yet

eTail Week Virtual Event — Asia and Australia Perspective

The event will be beneficial for those looking for new ways to drive the ecommerce business, build brand awareness and loyalty, and add a personal touch to the products and services.

The principal argument why we recommend to participate in this virtual event is a range of speakers from prominent brands — TikTok, Puma, Adidas, Alibaba, Shiseido, KFC, Dominos, L’Oréal, etc.

Date: September 7–11
Price: Free

Digital Travel Virtual Summit

The summit emphasizes tourism, travel and hotel business, marketing. The focal point is to help the company’s leaders find the best online and offline digital touchpoints to reach their customers. You’ll have an opportunity to know how to offer the best travel experiences and optimize channels and audiences to influence the consumer decision-making process.

Date: September 22
Price: Free

AMA Madison 2020 Annual Conference

Participate in 12 proficient sessions, which will make entrepreneurs and marketing managers adapt to the changing environment instantly with a significant focus on tactics and budgets. The conference offers participants creative and deliberate practices to foster emotional customer relationships.

Date: September 24–25
Price: $20–40

Ecommerce Summit

Discover the trends that will influence the ecommerce landscape in 2020 and get inspired by engaging cases and talented speakers, including top brands, agencies, service providers, and technology companies. The list of 28 confirmed speakers include representatives from Booking, Pepsico, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

Date: September 25
Price: €390

E-commerce Summit 2020

The E-commerce Summit is a free event for retailers and well-known brands for sharing their expertise and networking. This year, the conference’s distinctive feature is a focus on the European market in such industries as fashion & lifestyle, home & living, and food & care. You’ll enjoy the impressive program, competent speakers, and also you’ll have an opportunity to take part in one-to-one meetings with other participants. Sounds great, doesn’t it? ?

Date: September 28–29
Price: Free

B2B Next

The B2B Next provides helpful advice and ideas from business analysts, practitioners, and industry experts. Find practical strategies and best practices for how B2B businesses of all sizes can succeed in today’s digital environment.

Date: September 29–30
Price: $395–3,995

eCommerce Expo

Take advantage of three days of the eCommerce Expo to become more creative with technology and find opportunities to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. If you register for the event, you will discover strategy, tactics, tools, and other valuable knowledge to boost sales from speakers working in the B2B and B2C segments.

Date: September 29 – October 1
Price: Free

Technology for Marketing

This year the virtual event has been refreshed and will be useful for marketing gurus, leading brands, retailers, martech providers, and researchers around the world. It enables asking questions and discussing issues with other attendees, participating in virtual meetings with sponsors, and receiving proactive insights.

Date: September 29 – October 1
Price: Free

Seamless Philippines Virtual 2020

Don’t miss out on the virtual event on the future of commerce, as you’ll have a chance to listen to the reports, live presentations, and panel discussions of more than 140 banking, payments and ecommerce leaders. Apart from getting effective content, you’ll be able to meet and connect with interesting people on the platform and establish long-term and stable relationships with them as well.

Date: September 29 – October 1
Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in October 2020

Nordic Ecommerce Summit

The Nordic Ecommerce Summit joins the ecommerce business community and highlights the latest ecommerce developments, inspirational keynotes, and tangible insights, which you could learn right from your home. The list of speakers is not specified yet. Still, last year the event featured respected entrepreneurs and leading business leaders from the Nordics of brands like Ikea, Under Armour, and Skincity, so this year it should be equally outstanding.

Date: October 13
Price: Free

Modern Retail Summit LIVE

If you are searching for new business opportunities and sales channels using your own website and stores, the Modern Retail Summit LIVE will be a lucky chance. Retailers will explain what to change to your website to improve conversion and discuss powerful strategies with minimal marketing budgets for increasing sales and building loyalty among your online and offline customers.

Date: October 14–16
Price: $199–$999

Shoptalk Meetup

The Shoptalk Meetup is targeted at retailers, investors, representatives of world brands, startups, tech companies. It’s an advantageous idea to network with the people in a friendly environment, reach out to venture and strategic investors, and ask an expert or get a leadership coach.

Date: October 20–22
Price: Free–$1,695

Online Ecommerce Conferences in November 2020


The Lifecycle20 conference focuses on the new retail landscape — digital transformation, personalization tricks, ways to improve the online and offline customer journey. The program of the event will be narrowly specialized in methods for implementing retention marketing into your ecommerce business.

Date: November 4–5
Price: Free–£49


Attending online ecommerce conferences will help you to stay in the loop and grow your business in the right direction.

If you just plan to create an online store and are hesitant on what platform to choose, be sure to contact us. We will be glad to give you all comprehensive information you need to make the right decision.