Ecommerce Online Business Conferences to Attend in 2021-2022

A list of the biggest and best ecommerce conferences that will take place in 2021–2022 online that you should consider attending for inspiration.

Copywriter. Yevheniia understands various CMS systems for e-commerce, such as Magento, Shopware, Shopify, as well as marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

Ecommerce is an extremely competitive market, and in such an environment, it’s vital to be in touch with the latest industry news and technologies.

This gap is filled with ecommerce conferences, which bring together merchants, retailers, developers, marketers, designers, and other professionals who work within the industry.

Just a few benefits as to why it’s worth attending an online conference:

    • ✓ Trends. Staying in touch with modern trends and tendencies is a must-have item for those who want to sell online. Fashion rules the market and makes people buy particular brands. Also, new technologies make people’s life more convenient, and implementing them is about keeping customers loyal.
    • ✓ Like-minded people. Conferences, even online ones, allow you to meet people virtually who feel the same way you do about the topics that matter most to you. You can discuss common pain points and share the experience with them. Successful cases allow you to choose the right direction to grow your business while the less successful ventures of others help you avoid bad decisions.
    • ✓ Development partners. Visiting conferences allows you to find an ecommerce development partner like us to fulfill your project. Even if you already have an online business, you may need to implement some new features and add-ons, so you can attend a conference to choose from different companies that provide a similar service.

As you see, such events give participants ideas and new opportunities. Below you’ll find a list of the biggest and best online conferences in 2021-2022 that you should consider attending for inspiration.

Online Ecommerce Conferences in April 2022
Online Ecommerce Conferences in March 2022
Online Ecommerce Conferences in February 2022
Online Ecommerce Conferences in January 2022
Online Ecommerce Conferences in December 2021
Online Ecommerce Conferences in November 2021
Online Ecommerce Conferences in October 2021
Online Ecommerce Conferences in September 2021
Online Ecommerce Conferences in August 2021
Online Ecommerce Conferences in July 2021
Online Ecommerce Conferences in June 2021
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Online Ecommerce Conferences in April 2021
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Online Ecommerce Conferences in January 2021

Online Ecommerce Conferences in April 2022

World Retail Congress

This is an event where retailers from all over the world can come together, learn and share experiences. By offering content directly related to consumer behavior and key issues affecting retail, the World Retail Congress aims to develop more leaders and revolutionaries.

Top speakers, including top managers from Levi Strauss, Alibaba, Zappos, and Spotify, will deliver powerful sessions that cover success and failure, as well as real stories of transformation. These are great opportunities for networking, mentoring, and closing deals.

Date: April 5–7

Price: £3,495

Ecommerce Operations Summit

Attend this conference in order to get a complete understanding of all business operations and how to improve the quality of customer service with a focus on direct customers, multi-channel operations, and fulfillment.

You’ll learn more expert strategic advice and practices that operations professionals urgently need to improve efficiency, productivity, cost savings, and customer service. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about it.

Date: April 12–13

Price: $695

Retail Fest 2022

This conference will provide more opportunities for communication and networking. Good news: the venue will be located on the beach 🙂 It is expected that this will be more than a conference, it will be a celebration where professional communication and exchange of opinions will take place against the backdrop of family, fun, and personal time.

Outstanding speakers will talk about how the e-commerce space will work in the future, including Julie Mathers (CEO & Founder, Flora & Fauna), Darren John Akilina (CMO, Bellini), and Safwan Chowdhury (Director of Business Development, online marketing guru).

Date: April 11–14

Price: $295

Online Ecommerce Conferences in March 2022

White Label World Expo

The World Expo has been attracting the attention of the entire world of e-commerce, retail, and supply chain sales for many years. There will be workshops, sessions, and interactions with experts.

This event will be all about learning, getting informed, and applying all relevant knowledge to grow your business.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about it.

Date: March 2–3



The largest direct-to-consumer event in North America. Over the years, the event has focused on current e-commerce topics such as revenue growth, overcoming competition, and generating repeat profits.

This event will be a meeting place for investors, innovators, marketers, developers, and applicants. You can launch your brand or build professional connections. Get inspired to find the right kind of funding. An outstanding cast of expert speakers including Cat Day (co-founder and president of Ettitude), Kevin Gould (CEO of Kombo Ventures), and Olivia Landau (founder and CEO of The Clear Cut) to name a few.

Date: March 6–9

Price: free

The Retail Summit

Industry consultants from all over the world gathered at this event to make retail better and more advanced. You’ll hear inspiring stories from world leaders and a host of brilliant speakers, including Kaito Maya (CEO, Chilli Beans), David Boynton (CEO, The Body Shop), and Laura Bourdese (President & CEO, Acqua di Parma).

It is an opportunity to showcase your own knowledge and skills, as well as share ideas and share experiences.

You won’t regret joining this event!

Date: March 14–15

Price: free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in February 2022

Ecommerce Experience Evolution

This is an annual event that takes place in Miami. Leading speakers will talk about the future of e-commerce and marketing throughout the day, enabling businesses to adapt and thrive during the pandemic.

Don’t miss this opportunity if you want to be the first to hear and see it!

Date: February 23

Price: $400

B2B Marketing Exchange

Feeling like you’re missing out on creative inspiration and information on the following hot B2B trends? You’re not alone. Because most people still lack education and communication during the majority of events.

Best of #B2BMX brings together this year’s most popular speakers, sessions, and topics.

Join #B2BMX, exchange thoughts, and solutions, and connect with professionals!

Date:February 28 – March 2

Price: starting from $1,095

eTail West

The eCommerce & Omnichannel Retail Conference covers topics such as:

  • Getting the most out of all of sales channels;
  • E-commerce operations;
  • Maximizing customer lifetime value;
  • Emerging channels;
  • Monetizing social media, mobile and online video.

Every year, it becomes more challenging to keep track of new e-commerce trends that help your business grow and stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the latest news due to the concentration of information in the media.

During the event, attendees and speakers will take part in interactive panel discussions, and they will address current sustainability issues.

Date: February 28 – March 2

Price: starting from $1,299

Online Ecommerce Conferences in January 2022

NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show & Expo

The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail association, is dedicated to the people, policies, and ideas that help retailers thrive.

The agenda will have approximately 38,000 attendees highlighting retail trends and topics for 2022. For more than a century, NRF has been the voice of every retailer by teaching, inspiring, and communicating the powerful influence of retail.

Date: January 16–18

Price: starting from $1,000

The Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

Outdoor Retailer is North America’s largest trade show for the outdoor advertising industry, attracting visitors from all over the world. It brings together retailers, manufacturers, industry representatives, and media to conduct outdoor business through trade shows, product demonstrations, and web-based business solutions.

This event allows brands to reach a wider, more diverse, and valuable retail audience.

Don’t miss the chance — the community wins together!

Date: January 26–28

Price: free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in December 2021

E-Commerce Tech Summit

It is a conference for developers from all over the world. Over these three days, Magento, Salesforce, Shopware, and BigCommerce software architects, CTOs, and developers will share their real-world use cases with over 10,000 audiences.

The E-Commerce Tech Summit focuses on headless e-commerce, PWA, infrastructure scaling to handle high traffic, pipeline management with Circle CI, Jamstack for productivity, and artificial intelligence in e-commerce. The E-Commerce Tech Summit has invited over 30 speakers from leading e-commerce companies, such as Alibaba, eBay, Shopware, Storyblok, and others.

Date: December 1– December 3

Price: free

Nashville eCommerce Summit

Retail Summits bring together experts in e-commerce, omnichannel, digital marketing, operations, payments, shipping, and more.

Their speakers are industry leaders and innovators from a wide variety of companies, starting with renowned retailers and brands.

Join the Nashville eCommerce Summit to discuss digital strategy, shipping, payment, and more!

Date: December 7

Price: $0–$500

Argyle Digital: CX/UX Leadership Forum Building Better B2B Customer Journeys

The forum will bring together CX and data experts to share UX and CX thinking strategies to build strong partnerships. Attend this virtual event to learn how to scale up your B2B customer journey.

In this forum, you will learn how to plan a B2B journey that suits your client’s needs, what B2B clients expect in terms of automation and personalization, and which B2B CX technology trends will optimize the customer experience.

Date: December 7

Price: free

E-commerce and Packing Industry Conference

This conference provides a platform for innovators and thought leaders to discuss the technical and operational challenges of the e-commerce packaging industry in terms of:

  • Functional design and protection;
  • Innovative, sustainable, and economical packaging solutions;
  • New business opportunities;
  • Advances in materials and technology;
  • Use cases from leading brands and retailers.

The best expert speakers will help you find solutions to your problems and provide invaluable market insights through case studies, interactive panel discussions, and thought leadership.

Date: December 8 – December 9

Price: starting from $649

Online Ecommerce Conferences in November 2021

Digital Marketing World Forum

It is a must-see event, which will bring together the best and brightest minds in digital marketing for a multi-day in-person conference and exhibition.

The most experienced speakers will provide guidance and the necessary skills to surpass all marketing goals for 2021.

The event will inspire, inform and support marketers to be the best! Become an integral part of the Marketing Leaders Network.

Date: November 30- December 1

Price: €125

The World’s Largest Ecommerce Event

Ecom World brings together the most brilliant minds and innovative brands. Two days of workshops and networking — all this will be available without leaving home.

Speakers are business experts who will share their insights and knowledge. Join them to take part in in-depth talks, panels, workshops, and live sessions.

Are you interested in growing your brand, increasing sales, and making 2021 your most profitable year? This event is for you.

Date: November 15-16

Price: $314

E-commerce Conference 2021: Ready. Set. Grow

The venue brings together the world’s and local e-commerce leaders to share their most successful tactics, experiences, strategies, and innovation trends in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Join over 400 attendees for a day filled with presentations, discussions, conversations, and Q&A sessions with over 20 leading experts. Share knowledge, experience, and helpful tips and tactics.

Date: November 12

Price: €49

Magento Online MeetUp Kharkiv #11

This event is a must-see! Magecom invited real masters who will be happy to share their experience and expertise.

Vadim Sumin (DevOps Engineer at “Magecom”) will give a talk ‘High Availability Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery.’

Yegor Shitikov (Magento Microservices Evangelist) will give a talk ‘Magento NodeJS Microservices.’

Serhiy Nezbrytsky (CTO at “Magecom”) will give a talk ‘Google Page Insights and Magento 2.’

Talks of the speakers will be in Russian. Registration is here. Don’t miss it!

Date: November 11, at 6 pm (GMT+3)

Price: free

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Conference North 2021

Join the essential e-commerce and digital marketing event!

The conference’s purpose is to present to the public the best practices of successful e-business projects and all modern services and products related to online store infrastructure, digital advertising, online payments, and product delivery.

The largest companies and experienced speakers will attend ECDM Conference North 2021. Join this event, and you will be able to exchange experience and knowledge!

Date: November 6—7

Price: €70

Web Summit in Lisbon 2021

The Web Summit is the world’s largest technical conference which brings people, companies together, and experts from all industries. You can share ideas with peers in your industry, meet your future business partners, or ask for advice from people who have done all this before.

Three reasons to attend this event include:

      • ✔incredible speakers; 
      • ✔networking;
      • ✔software to maximize your experience.

Experience it in November, join the largest conference in Lisbon!

Date: November 1-4

Price: €250

Online Ecommerce Conferences in October 2021

Savant eCommerce Amsterdam

Savant eCommerce Amsterdam brings together the top eCommerce leaders in the Netherlands for a networking and discussion group-focused event!

The best speakers, panel discussions, and roundtables focus on the dominating issues you face in managing the uncertainty the pandemic has revealed, the drastic development of omnichannel strategies, and the importance of marketplaces in reaching customers.

This event is an absolute must-see!

Date: October 28 — 29

Price: €699

eTail Nordic 2021

eTail Nordic 2021 is a virtual event for Scandinavian digital commerce and multi-channel retail innovators

The event will bring together online retail leaders, innovators, and revolutionaries. They will share their experience in delivering flawless retail.

It combines high-level strategic case studies and interactive discussions focusing on your top priorities for online growth.

Attend this event and be on the local e-commerce waves!

Date: October 20—21

Price: free

Retail Week Live

Retail Week Live is the best event for the UK retail and digital leaders!

It will be an inspiring two-day festival filled with rich and engaging lectures and sessions. You will hear and learn from more than 200 speakers, also, meet 50 of the latest startups, and connect with contributors from across the community and different business levels.

Do not miss it!

Date: October 13—14

Price: free

Strategic Marketing 2021

This event brings together the world’s most influential CMOs and marketing leaders to discuss the impact of brands on society, leverage new digital touchpoints, and unleash the opportunities this shift in the relationship between consumers and brands is opening up to.

This year, you will have access to all live sessions, interactive questions and surveys, a virtual exhibition, discussion boards, and round tables for marketing professionals.

Date: October 12—14

Price: free

Ecommerce Expo Asia

Ecommerce Expo Asia is an event for ecommerce professionals and an excellent opportunity to find future partners for your business.

Speakers will cover many topics, such as customer experience, mobile commerce, cross-border commerce, trade strategy, supply chain management, multichannel retail, and others.

Date: October 12—13

Price: free

E-Commerce Forum

The forum aims at e-commerce professionals in Italy. Speakers will offer new ideas, solutions, and innovations in this sector.

In parallel with conferences and seminars, there will be many meetings between guests and supplier companies. You will be able to exchange experiences, share knowledge and learn a lot

Join the forum, and you will be definitely delighted!

Date: October 3—5

Price: free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in September 2021

eCommerce Expo & Technology for Marketing

Following the success of three virtual events since September 2020, eCommerce Expo & Technology for Marketing is back!

Within three days, top speakers will focus on the future of e-commerce and marketing, enabling businesses to adapt and thrive due to the pandemic.

If you want to be the first to hear and see this, don’t miss this opportunity!

Date: September 28- September 30

Price: free

Paris Retail Week

This event is the largest one in Europe for online retail players!

All these three days of the conference will be full of interesting lectures and sessions. More than 400 leaders in the retail sector will take part in conferences, seminars, and presentations. They will talk about innovations and give impetus to this event dedicated to exchanging knowledge, experience, and best practices.

Don’t miss this!

Date: September 28- September 30

Price: free

E-commerce Summit

The E-commerce Summit is a long-expected event that offers all the benefits of the best conferences, such as exclusive and helpful content, powerful networking opportunities, and top-notch speakers.

The event’s main focus is niches such as fashion & lifestyle, home & living, and food & care, so for retailers and managers of these industries, the event is an absolute must-see!

Date: September 28- September 29

Price: free

Alibaba Ecosystem Expo 2021

Alibaba E-Commerce Expo is the perfect opportunity to connect with future partners to grow your business.

The most famous Australian and New Zealand companies will share their real-world experiences using the Alibaba e-commerce ecosystem.

Attend this event and learn how to take advantage of the global and local ecommerce waves!

Date: September 17- September 18

Price: free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in August 2021

Smarter Faster Payments Conference

Participate in more than 100 interactive sessions, exhibitor solutions, and networking events.

During the event dates, attendees and speakers take part in live Q&A via chat and engage with exhibitors and other attendees. Access to session content is available to attendees for 90 days following the event, at no additional cost.

Date: August 23-26

Price: $795-$1200

Ecommerce Operations Summit

The conference will answer all the questions of interest concerning entire DTC (Direct-to-Customer) operations to achieve improved customer experiences.

For instance, you’ll learn how to make customers happy, reduce costs, develop and retain the best people, ship faster, and find the right technologies and vendors. This is the annual event for you.

Date: August 17-18

Price: $849 -$1200

Driving Ecommerce Traffic That Converts

It is impossible to build a successful online business if you don’t drive traffic to your website.

Founder and president at Tim Peter and Associates will confer how to increase the number of visitors to your site using search, social, and email. What is more interesting is that participants will know how to get visitors to turn into customers.

Feel free to register and receive all the instructions to join by email.

Date: August 12

Price: Free

eTail Connect Virtual Event

eTail is an interactive, high-level platform for the exchange of ideas, best practices, and timely perspectives for Ecommerce.

All these two days of the conference are full of interesting lectures, and sessions. This is a good opportunity to accelerate your digital transformation as all attendees will get all educational content. Don’t miss it!

Date: August 10-11

Price: Free

Made in Singapore: Riding The Ecommerce Wave

The best time to start an ecommerce business! A two-week-long free virtual event where you can hear speakers who have already fueled this next gold rush for ecommerce.

Attend this event and learn how to take advantage of the global and local ecommerce waves, ecommerce trends for Singapore and the region, and tips for building and scaling an ecommerce business.

Date: August 10

Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in July 2021

New Retail Fest

A global community of retail and ecommerce experts, international brand representatives, and fast-growing startup owners will soon welcome everyone in search of valuable and practical solutions. The summer event will be hybrid and gather 350+ participants and speakers both online and offline in Tel Aviv.

The online conference on Hopin will take place in multiple interactive areas and formats and invite speakers from leading brands, including Asos, IBM, and Express.

Date: July 21

Price: $60–$120

Conversion Rate Optimization & eCommerce Best Practices

Want to learn more about developing an effective ecommerce strategy for your brand? Attend the webinar sponsored by Anvil, which will discuss tactics and outstanding examples across different digital advertising platforms with the goal of boosting sales.

In concrete terms, you’ll find out how to create product feeds in Google Merchant Center, launch and optimize conversion-friendly Google Shopping Ad campaigns, take advantage of Facebook Product Catalog and ads.

Date: July 14

Price: free

Automating the Ecommerce Buying Journey

Attend an online webinar on automation technologies and business processes to make it possible to provide a seamless and advanced customer experience.

The discussion points cover frustrations that users usually experience in their customer journeys, ways to retain shoppers and create a positive buying experience, optimization for future automation.

Date: July 14

Price: free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in June 2021

eTail: The Virtual Summit & Expo

eTail Summer will gather more than 500 retailers and expert speakers from The North Face, LVMH, Office Depot, Sephora, Kohls, and other leading brands to delve into the ecommerce omnichannel experience.

All three days of the conference are full of interactive workshops, interesting lectures, and sessions. We personally look forward to the panel discussion on accelerating digital transformation.

Date: June 29 – July 01

Price: Free

Ecom World 2021

Attend the virtual version of the world’s largest ecommerce event on building and scaling an online business. The agenda is divided into main sections, including fulfillment and business operations, storefront and web design, marketing and growth.

The event promises to be valuable and useful for participants thanks to an impressive list of speakers from big brands and tech giants, including Amazon, Shopify, Google, Alibaba, Magento, Snap, etc. 

Date:June 28–29


iMedia Online Retail Summit

Australian Summit dedicated to business evolution and exponential growth this year will bring business owners and entrepreneurs together in one place.

Consider attending the session held by the Director of Technical Services & Strategic Accounts at Shopify Plus on building resilience in retail. The rest of the lectures are also noteworthy and will cover a lot of issues from fulfilment development and consumer behavior changes to SEO and content marketing.

Date: June 12–14

Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in May 2021

Webinar: Profit Marketing, the Future of Growing Global Ecommerce

Suppose you will enter new markets, introduce your business to other countries and audiences, set sights on this online webinar. It will help you better understand how to win the competition and develop a long-term plan for future profits growth.

No empty talk; instead, you’ll be able to discover fascinating insights from another perspective based on the latest marketing research and surveys.

Date: May 28

Price: Free

AI in Retail & E-Commerce Sector

Ecommerce experts and researchers regularly include artificial intelligence in the top trends of the following years and predict prosperity to those businesses that have already implemented it.

The event will help you bring AI into focus and understand how it’s connected with customer behavior, personalization, and automation.

Date: May 26

Price: Free

Developing your eCommerce Capabilities Webinar / RNSBDC

The lecturer and participants will have an opportunity to discuss three main aspects: technological, logistical, and supply. Having a good understanding of how everything works, you can get a comprehensive understanding and confidence in your business development.

More specifically, you’ll also learn more about automation, building a multichannel business environment, shipping costs, and ways to optimize them.

Date: May 21

Price: Free

Webinar: The Future of Ecommerce by CNN Director of Product

The Product Director of Commerce at CNN will confer about the main aspects of digital interactions with users, including global trends, customer journey, and actions you may take to satisfy your audience’s expectations.

What is more interesting is that participants will explore how to set up targeting to make users buy your products and analyze customer information to make the right decisions.

All you need to do is to register for the event and receive instructions to join by email.

Date: May 13

Price: Free

Unlocking the Secrets of Ecommerce

A plethora of experts and entrepreneurs will clarify how to create an efficient business strategy, find out windows of opportunities and threats, and monitor results. Apart from such strategic insights, you’ll also be able to learn about some valuable tactics to achieve your business goals.

The essential advantage of the event is real stories and case studies which illustrate the usage of the particular business models and tools.

Date: May 13

Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in April 2021

How to Build an Ecommerce Website

Martin Guerrero, an ecommerce specialist, will guide you by building an online store using practical tools. As a result of the webinar, you will develop a fully functional site to help you sell your products, process payments, choose shipping methods and promote your brand.

Date: April 29

Price: Free

From Retail To Ecommerce: Tech To Transform the High Street

Attend the event to find answers to the most common ecommerce-related questions that every merchant is interested in. You’ll explore how consumer behavior has changed during the COVID-19 and what will be next, which technologies you should pay attention to, and how they could help evolve your online business and drive sales.

Speakers from Google, Zellebrate, and Knomo will ensure high-quality and valuable content and explain how various approaches might adapt your business to the new world and succeed.

Date: April 28

Price: Free

Adobe Summit 2021

The annual Adobe conference will gather speakers from the leading companies, such as Pfizer, FedEx, General Motors, Henkel, The Coca-Cola Company, who will prepare more than 200 sessions in general.

You’ll find out more about analytics & insights, B2B marketing, campaign management, collaborative work management, personalization, etc.

Date: April 26–27

Price: Free

Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Ecommerce experts from Keywordio will let you know how to skyrocket your store sales with the help of advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

You’ll have access to insider tips on setting targets and audiences based on real successful cases that have already increased their sales and made customer experience seamless. Eventually, you will maximize your potential sales results at each step of the advertising campaign setup.

Date: April 22

Price: Free

Social Commerce = Social Shopping

The webinar will give a chance for enterprises to reveal secrets to their ecommerce growth. Besides, you’ll gain an opportunity to see how world-known brands adopt social commerce and find the difference between eastern and western trends in ecommerce.

Date: April 16

Price: Free

How to Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Business

If you want to know how to implement email marketing tactics and grow your subscriber list, it’s good to participate in this event. The event is a kind of interactive online Q&A session that will clarify how to generate predictable sales by using email marketing.

For instance, you’ll be able to hear a presentation on starting this kind of marketing in your store, which tools to use, and how to use this sales channel to get long-term results.

Date: April 7

Price: Free

Shopify? WooCommerce? Magento? How to Succeed with eCommerce

Are you wondering how to use artificial intelligence in ecommerce and grow your profits? Join the event to dive deeper into all of the details and discover how to make use of personalized email marketing, like industry leaders and major brands do, and improve your customer journey.

What else? You’ll find out ways to decrease cart abandonment, make product recommendations more effective, and get rid of useless discounts.

Date: April 7

Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in March 2021

Live Chat with Google Product Manager

Ask all your questions on product management while attending the online event with Vishnu Kalugotla, Product Manager at Google.

The main questions discussed during the live chat will include the best and worst parts of working as a Product Manager, acquirers’ expectations, and how to deal with challenging tasks in your daily routine as a Product Manager.

Date: March 29

Price: Free

Emerce Retail

The event will allow discovering the most important retail trends and tactics and cover a range of topics.

You’ll find out how to grow online and strengthen your business in the long run with ecommerce efforts and selling on marketplaces. Learn more about digital transformation and marketing mix for more effective customer experience and sales.

Date: March 25

Price: Free

The Retail Summit Online

The Retail Summit will bring together senior executives engaged in retail and ecommerce to talk about the future of commerce. Young and ambitious entrepreneurs and brands will be highlighted and help to explore how to utilize business opportunities and adopt during the global pandemic.

Particular attention should be given to speakers, Presidents, CEOs, Founders, and other c-level executives, including directors from leading brands, such as Manolo Blahnik, New Balance, Mercedes-Benz, Huda Beauty, and Pepe Jeans.

Date: March 9–10

Price: Free

Future Entrepreneurship 2021

The event that always goes offline will take place virtually this year filled with informative talks and discussions.

The central point of the event is a new scientific revolution, a period in which innovation is transforming entrepreneurship.

Date: March 9–11

Price: Free

E-Commerce for Small Business Webinar

Take part in a webinar for small business owners that will help you learn more about selling on Amazon and showcasing products in a proper way.

Featured speakers include directors, senior managers, and CEOs, who will tell you about launching shops on the platform and marketing product lines to millions of Amazon users.

Date: March 4

Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in February 2021

The Virtual MarTech Summit

This year, the event’s agenda will concentrate on three major aspects: B2C, BFSI, and B2B, with an additional focus on artificial intelligence, analytics, content marketing, and targeted advertising.

We strongly recommend turning your attention to the following keynotes — ‘E-commerce as an Advertising Platform for Brands’, ‘How to Achieve Greater Content Marketing Results in 2021’, and ‘How We Drove Customer Engagement with Sustainable Digital Transformation’.

Date: February 24–26

Price: Free

eTail Virtual Summit & Expo 2021

It will bring together trailblazers and retail merchants to listen to inspirational lectures presented by speakers from Johnson & Johnson, Saks Fifth Avenue, Office Depot.

Special attention is paid to omnichannel tactics, customer acquisition, and retention strategies. So if you’re interested in such issues, register free now.

Date: February 23–25

Price: Free

Online Virtual Business Networking & Speed Networking for New Business Dev.

Make use of the virtual networking format and learn how to boost sales and reach your potential customers.

First of all, you need to prepare a brief networking pitch and questions for other participants. The event will be hosted by sales and lead generation expert Mike Hayes, which means that you’ll acquire new knowledge that is easy to apply in real practice.

Date: February 18

Price: Free

DeveloperWeek 2021 Virtual

Each year, DeveloperWeek brings together thousands of software architects and engineers to find out the latest development tendencies and technologies to be on top of things in the industry.

This year, the conference will go online and feature a fantastic agenda full of hackathons, workshops, and networking opportunities. If you have technologies at your fingertips, you’ll definitely find something valuable for your business. For instance, you may find the keynote of the CTO at Codete interesting, who will hold a workshop on avoiding mistakes while building AI products.

Date: February 17–19

Price: $100–$845

State of Economic Development 2021

Join the regional economic development event that will gather business leaders and government officials from Southern Nevada.

The organizers promise that participants will gain extra insights and future perspectives on how it’s going and which results to expect.

Date: February 9

Price: $21

How An Online Store Can Boost Your Business: Free Ontario Program

Participate in the webinar held by ShopHERE and powered by Google to find out how to boost your business with an ecommerce website and expand your selling opportunities.

One of the best things about the event is that you could select a date out of three options at your convenience.

Date: February 4, 11, 18

Price: Free

Online Ecommerce Conferences in January 2021

The Future of Ecommerce Logistics

The field-specific conference will answer all the questions of interest concerning shipping, storage, and logistics costs.

For instance, you’ll learn how to sell more and reduce costs with logistics solutions in marketplaces and find out more about the future of logistics in the omnichannel.

Date: January 28

Price: Free

CommerceNext Webinars

Receive an opportunity to attend a series of events for marketers engaged in retail and listen to lectures performed by top managers from leading brands and innovative tech companies.

You could choose from a wide range of topics and speakers. Our must-see lectures and recommendations are ‘Are Your Best Customers Bought or Made?’ and ‘How to Crush TikTok, Instagram TV and More’.

Date: January 20–21

Price: Free

NRF 2021 Retail’s Big Show Virtual

The event will deliver exclusive sessions on the theme Forward Together, which will be performed by business leaders. The following classes are worth special attention — ‘Consumer behavior: Making sense of the aftermath of uncertainty’ and ‘Remapping the customer experience: A reinvention imperative’. Moreover, you will be able to listen to lectures given by speakers from National Retail Federation, Microsoft, Salesforce, Cisco, Toshiba, IBM, Google, Deloitte, Walmart.

Date: January 12

Price: Free