Ecommerce Business Conferences in 2023: Online and Offline Events

A list of the best ecommerce events in 2023 that you should consider attending for inspiration, partnership, and business development.

Ecommerce is a highly competitive market, and in such an environment, it’s vital to be in touch with the latest industry news and technologies.

This gap is filled with ecommerce conferences, which bring together merchants, retailers, developers, marketers, designers, and other professionals who work within the industry.

Just a few benefits as to why it’s worth attending an online conference:

    • 🟠 Trends. Staying in touch with modern trends is a must-have item for those who want to sell online. Prevailing tendencies rule the market and make people buy particular brands. Also, new technologies make people’s life more convenient, and implementing them is about keeping customers loyal.
    • 🟠 Like-minded people. Conferences, even online ones, allow you to meet people virtually who feel the same way you do about the topics that matter most to you. You can discuss common pain points and share the experience with them. Successful cases allow you to choose the right direction to grow your business while the less successful ventures of others help you avoid bad decisions.
    • 🟠 Development partners. Visiting conferences allows you to find an ecommerce development partner like us to fulfill your project. Even if you already have an online business, you may need to implement some new features and add-ons, so you can attend a conference to choose from different companies that provide a similar service.

As you see, such events give participants ideas and new opportunities. Below you’ll find a list of the biggest and best ecommerce conferences in 2023 that you should consider attending for inspiration.

Ecommerce Conferences in January 2023

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

Outdoor Retailer is North America’s largest trade show for the outdoor advertising industry, attracting visitors from all over the world. It brings together retailers, manufacturers, industry representatives, and media to conduct outdoor business through trade shows, product demonstrations, and web-based business solutions.

This event allows brands to reach a broader, more diverse, and valuable retail audience.

Don’t miss the chance — the community wins together!

Date & Place: January 10-12, Salt Lake City, USA

Price: free – $750

NRF: Retail’s Big Show

The National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail association, is dedicated to the people, policies, and ideas that help retailers thrive.

For more than a century, NRF has been the voice of every retailer by teaching, inspiring, and communicating the powerful influence of retail. And the 2023 event will keep the bar. Famous speakers from the industry, huge expo, and networking – all these offer opportunities for retailers and business owners to connect and explore business opportunities.

Date & Place: January 15-17, NYC, USA

Price: starts at $1,300


Marca is a major conference and expo event in Italy where large-scale retailers participate in exhibitions to promote their brands and connect with buyers, category managers, food and non-food producers. In 2022, over 10,000 visitors had the chance to meet more than 800 exhibitors, share valuable insights, and establish a partnership.

This event is focused on food retailers from different commodity categories as well as tech professionals who can improve logistics, packaging, technology, and services in the industry.

Hurry up to buy a ticket and discover exciting opportunities at Marca!

Date & Place: January 18-19, Bologna, Italy

Price: starts at €50

Ecommerce Conferences in February 2023

Los Angeles eCommerce Summit

A one-day summit unites retailers, merchants, brands, and solutions providers with industry leaders and innovators. All the participants will have a perfect opportunity to discuss ideas, share knowledge, and participate in networking events.

The summit’s program includes panel discussions, presentations, and meetups dedicated to strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, fraud strategies, and shipping.

Don’t miss the event if you want to enrich your industry knowledge and share innovative ideas!

Date & Place: February 1, LA, USA

Price: $1,500

The Delivery Conference

All companies are now trying to navigate significant challenges: inflation, post-pandemic customer behavior, and environmental issues. And this event will uncover how to overcome modern challenges and stay afloat or even outrun competitors.

Top executives from Amazon Shipping, Hived, Shopify, and Digital Genius will share their experience of navigating common problems most retailers face and suggest some strategies for their solving. Topics for discussion include cross-border ecommerce, customer experience, omnichannel, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

The Delivery Conference will cover pressing issues, so don’t hesitate to participate in the event and learn crisis management and growth strategies.

Date & Place: February 7, London, UK

Price: free-£1,300

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo

This is a B2B-focused event that combines a conference and an expo. Participants from all over the world can meet, present their products and services, collect feedback, and gather ideas for companies’ improvement.

The event also includes networking activities, where you can discuss the future of the industry, connect with your competitors, and get inspired.

The list of last-year participants is impressive: Amazon, Asos, BMW, ING, Adidas, Audible, AllYouNeed, Allegro, Zalando, etc. So hurry up to buy a ticket and learn best practices from world-leading companies.

Date & Place: February 23, Berlin, Germany

Price: free-€6,250

Ecommerce Conferences in March 2023

eTrade Show

Discover the latest industry trends and meet new partners at the eTrade Show this March! This event is focused on technology that makes an online business grow. You will learn about innovations in the domain of ecommerce software, digital payments, logistics, analytical tools, marketing, and more.

You can attend lectures given by industry leaders, meet your competitors, strengthen your ties with existing partners, and explore how proven solutions can improve your business. Don’t miss out!

Date & Place: March 2-4, Warsaw, Poland

Price: free

One to One Retail Ecommerce

This 3-days event will let you dive into the atmosphere of leadership, ideas, and innovations. The program includes workshops, one-to-one meetings, and conferences where participants can get inspired, establish new ties, and find proposals for their projects.

One to One emphasizes the importance of business meetings, allowing visitors and best solutions providers to book a minimum of 9 private sessions to exchange experience and brainstorm.

Date & Place: March 14-16, Monaco

Price: upon request

eTail Germany

Learn how to make your business automated, data-driven, sustainable, and customer-oriented from leading industry experts. Speakers from Adidas, BMW, Lego, Douglas, Mars, and McDonald’s will share their success journeys and explain how to grow sales in modern retail.

eTail Germany allows you to connect with top companies’ representatives, work in discussion groups, and set up research interviews with retail and D2C brand leaders.

Attending this two-day conference is an excellent opportunity to accelerate your digital transformation, as all attendees will get powerful insights.

Date & Place: March 14-15, Berlin, Germany

Price: free-€2,899

Adobe Summit

Want to know more about B2B marketing, personalized omnichannel engagement, customer data management, content supply chain, and other digital solutions for online businesses? If yes, Adobe Summit is for you!

Get the chance to discover the latest trends, spark innovations, and get new ideas from top speakers working in Adobe, Nike, and General Motors.

You can attend this summit in person or join a virtual conference. Nothing should stop you from obtaining a new experience!

Date & Place: March 21-23, Las Vegas, USA and virtual

Price: free-$2,095

Digital Marketing Europe

It is a must-see event, which will bring together the best and brightest minds in digital marketing for a multi-day in-person conference and exhibition.

The most experienced speakers will provide guidance and the necessary skills to surpass all marketing goals for 2023. The event will inspire, inform and support marketers to be the best! Become an integral part of the Marketing Leaders Network.

Date & Place: March 28-29, Virtual

Price: starts at €146

Ecommerce Conferences in April 2023

World Retail Congress

This is an event where retailers from all over the world can come together, learn and share experiences. By offering content directly related to consumer behavior and critical issues affecting retail, the World Retail Congress aims to develop more leaders and revolutionaries.

Top speakers, including top managers from Ikea, The Body Shop, and Primark, will deliver powerful sessions that cover success and failure and real stories of transformation. These are great opportunities for networking, mentoring, and closing deals.

Date & Place: April 25-27, Barcelona, Spain

Price: £2,495

eComm Live

eComm Live is one of the leading conferences and training events in the domain of ecommerce. Professionals from TikTok, Shopify, Google, and other top companies unite to provide valuable insights and promote industry growth.

The 2023 event will focus on brand strategies, ecommerce tech training, and social activities. Get your chance to learn from the best in the business!

Date & Place: April 26-27, Belfast, UK

Price: starts at £199

Ecommerce Conferences in May 2023

Shoptalk Europe

Join brands, startups, retailers, tech companies, investors, and media experts for collaboration and networking. Get innovative ideas from industry professionals, including top executives from Unilever, AB InBev, Adidas, Kraft Heinz, Mars, Nestle, and Shopify.

Shoptalk is a fantastic event to discover business growth opportunities and establish valuable connections. Become a part of an exceptional ecommerce community.

Date & Place: May 9-11, Barcelona, Spain

Price: starts at €1,995

Internet Retailing Expo

If you want to decide which direction your business must take in 2023, IRX is definitely for you. During this expo, enterprise-level retailers will share their ideas for the future of ecommerce. You’ll also have a chance to get new leads and learn new tactics for retaining existing customers.

It’s a total must-visit event for outlining your goals and objectives. Set your priorities and exchange valuable insights at IRX!

Date & Place: May 24-25, Birmingham, UK

Price: free


At Score, e-commerce leaders and top retailers guarantee high-quality knowledge exchange with exciting panel discussions and keynotes. Gain first-hand insights into new business models, digital transformation tactics, and modern strategies.

Score’s in-depth masterclasses and networking are worth attending to make valuable connections and acquire industry knowledge.

Don’t get left behind!

Date & Place: May 24, Zurich, Switzerland

Price: starts at CHF 220

Ecommerce Conferences in June 2023

E-commerce Live!

E-commerce Live! is an all-encompassing e-commerce event for thousands of passionate professionals and decision-makers in digital business. All visitors will have the chance to attend keynotes, panel discussions, inspiration cases, and round table sessions from leading brands and major businesses. The topics for discussions will be e-commerce strategies, marketplaces 2.0, customer experience, customer loyalty, technology, conversion, fulfillment & logistics, payment & checkout, and more.

Join E-commerce Live! and shape the future of ecommerce together with experts!

Date & Place: June 7, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: free

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo

The event will bring together online retail leaders, innovators, and revolutionaries. They will share their experience in delivering flawless retail. During Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, you can attend huge gatherings and micro-conferences to get closer in touch with like-minded people.

The event is centered around design, ecommerce, social media marketing, and omnichannel strategy as the main growth points in the industry.

Date & Place: June 13-15, Chicago, USA and virtual

Price: free-$995


Ecommerce, marketing, and tech trends are what every business is striving to match. And this event will shed light on practical ways of doing so.

Executives from Glossier, Walmart, Purple, Casper, UNTUCKit, Rent the Runway, Macy’s, Rothy’s, and Bonobos will give powerful speeches and provide input on the programming and activities.

Date & Place: June 20-23, NYC, USA

Price: free-$1,895

Ecommerce Conferences in July 2023

Grow NY

Explore ways to scale your brand, optimize your store, and invest correctly in paid advertising and email automation at the Grow summer event!

Digital retailers and tech providers will meet at this event to establish close communication and seize partnership opportunities. This event is a great place to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and learn new approaches to business development.

Date & Place: July 11, NYC, USA

Price: free

Denver Ecommerce Summit

A global community of retail and ecommerce experts, international brand representatives, and fast-growing tech companies will soon welcome everyone in search of valuable and practical solutions.

Attend this event to find out how to take advantage of the global and local ecommerce trends and learn tips for building and scaling an ecommerce business.

Date & Place: July 13, Denver, USA

Price: $200-$1,500

Midwest e-Com Conference

This event lets you keep track of the rules of selling through different channels, new marketing tactics, customer needs, and innovative ways to grow your business.

Midwest e-Com Conference is created by sellers for sellers, so you will be able to learn valuable insider information. No empty talk; instead, you’ll be able to discover fascinating insights from another perspective based on the latest marketing research and surveys.

And you’ll also have the opportunity to network with sellers, vendors, and industry experts.

Date & Place: July 19-21, Minneapolis, USA

Price: starts at $399

Online Retailer

The largest online retail conference in Australia welcomes digital, retail, technology, marketing, and ecommerce experts from different industries, including Fashion and Apparel, Toys, Electronics, Games, B2B Services, Media, IT, Finance and Services, Marketplaces, and more.

Every attendee will have the opportunity to listen to case studies and panel discussions from leading local and international retailers to be inspired and put their businesses on a whole new level.

Date & Place: July 19-20, Sydney, Australia

Price: free-$1,499

Ecommerce Conferences in August 2023


Since 1999, eTail has welcomed the leaders of disruptive companies on stage to promote innovative approaches to commerce. The 2023 event will be as insightful as always.

Every year, it becomes more challenging to keep track of new e-commerce trends that help your business grow, stay ahead of the competition, and keep up with the latest news due to the concentration of information in the media. During the event, attendees and speakers will participate in interactive panel discussions and address current sustainability issues.

Date & Place: August 14-16, Boston, USA

Price: upon request

Ecommerce Conferences in September 2023

Paris Retail Week

This event is the largest one in Europe for online retail players!

Three conference days will be full of interesting lectures and sessions. More than 400 leaders in the retail sector will take part in conferences, seminars, and presentations. They will talk about innovations and give impetus to this event dedicated to exchanging knowledge, experience, and best practices.

Don’t miss this!

Date & Place: September 19-21, Paris, France

Price: free

Ecommerce Expo

Ecommerce Expo is an event for ecommerce professionals and an excellent opportunity to find future partners for your business. More than 10,000 retailers and brands as well as 300 solution providers will inspire and educate attendees to drive the development of ecommerce.

Speakers will cover many topics, such as customer experience, mobile commerce, cross-border commerce, trade strategy, supply chain management, multichannel retail, and others.

Date & Place: September 27-28, London, UK

Price: free

Ecommerce Conferences in October 2023

Grow LA

Meet new people and dive deep into the industry specifics with Grow LA! Top retail founders, agency representatives, tech company owners, and growth marketers will gather for one day to work towards the common goal – the development of the ecommerce industry.

Some of the topics discussed at Grow will be:

🟠Personalized email and SMS

🟠Social media

🟠Paid ads

🟠Conversion rate optimization

🟠Live streaming

🟠Packaging & Shipping

Date & Place: October 18, LA, USA

Price: free

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