Latest Ecommerce News: Monthly Digests [September Update]

The latest news in the ecommerce world that you might be interested in for inspiration.

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August Ecommerce News Digest

Breaking News: Amazon has overtaken Walmart in total retail sales

According to the FactSet research firm consumers spent $610 billion on Amazon between June 2020 and June 2021, overtaking Walmart’s showings in sales.

Analysts have long predicted tremendous growth for the corporation, so it was not difficult to guess that the moment would come when Amazon will step on Walmart’s heels, the New York Times notes.

We will keep an eye on how the events of this race, but in the meantime, you can find more details in Insider.

Research: eBay Launches New Trading Cards Tools

According to eBay Inc, it is having massive success in the fast-growing market for merchant cards and is launching two new tools, Price Guide and Collection. They will enable users to create personal trading card portfolios for viewing, managing, tracking value, and listing.

The market of collectible cards grew dramatically during the pandemic, and eBay was the platform that benefited the most from this surge. Four million more cards were sold on eBay in 2020 than in 2019. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, nearly 18 million cards were sold on eBay— an average of 139 cards per minute!

Longread: Breaking Down Google Ads New ‘Strikes’ Policy

Most recently, Google Ads announced a program to combat repeated policy violations.

Previously, Google had already canceled ads that violate its policies, but it didn’t have any consequences.

In its  July announcement, Google decided to step up the action and stated that they are committed to creating credible ads for users, advertisers, and publishers. The system will use “strikes” to impose penalties.

From September, advertisers who violate ad placement policies will suffer account suspension and indefinite suspension.

To learn more about strikes!

Guide: Headless E-Commerce System Puts Checkout Button Anyplace It’s Needed

In June, the shopping and checkout platform Fast released a survey that consumers want to improve their online shopping experience and abandon their shopping carts at record levels.

In a June survey, 86% of 1,000 shoppers said they added an item to an online shopping cart and then abandoned it before checking out.

The abandoned shopping carts effect may well have influenced e-commerce sites due to negative experiences for online shoppers.

E-commerce Times Analysts predict that e-commerce revenues will reach $930 billion in 2021, and 2022 will be the first year of online shopping with a trillion-dollar turnover.

Top News: TikTok associates with Shopify to pilot in-app shopping

TikTok and Shopify announced a partnership where they can shop in the video-sharing app using its precise algorithm.

A new brand called TikTok Shopping will allow Shopify sellers with TikTok For Business accounts to add a shopping tab to their profiles.

They can then create a mini-showcase with prices, photos, and an “add to favorites” button that takes users to their website at checkout, syncing product catalogs.

The pilot, TikTok Shopping project, is open to Shopify sellers in the US and UK, with sellers in Canada soon joining them, said Retail Dive.

July Ecommerce News Digest

Breaking News: Walmart Became a Partner of Adobe

In February 2021, Walmart acquired Thunder technology that features automation for digital ads launch and running, which is a huge step for their future online marketing opportunities.

In July this year, Walmart partnered with Adobe to give more freedom to small and medium-sized retailers around the world. What a twist!

We will keep abreast of further news on this acquisition, but for now, you can find out more in the CNBC article.

Research: Why Customer Service Can Make or Break Retailers

Companies are currently looking for new technologies to increase customer needs, and yes, the conditions are growing.

By the way, a chatbot is one of the effective add-ons for building relationships with customers and meeting their needs. According to Yahoo Finance, its global market is expected to grow by $1.73 bn during 2021-2025.

Kustomer is, in fact, one of those solutions that may be beneficial for your online business.

Subscribe to the Digital Commerce 360 newsletter and learn how much you can save with Kustomer chatbots or how to help your customers provide relevant services that will lead to long-term relationships.

Successful Tips: How Amazon Creates Products that Everyone Goes Crazy About

When you create a new product, never stop trying to satisfy your loyal unhappy customers because they will always be disappointed.

It’s one of the main principles of Jeff Bezos, whose main goal in Amazon is to fight the ever-dissatisfied customers by experimenting and doing something new, better for them.

The rest of the postulates of Bezos and his empire are available in the recent Inc. article. You won’t be disappointed!

Report: Nearly all the Top Ecommerce Companies Significantly Raised Revenue in 2020

According to a recent analysis by GlobalData, 9 out of 10 global e-commerce companies have doubled their revenues. The first on this list is, of course, Amazon followed by JD, Alibaba, and then Wayfair.

No doubt that these companies have achieved such great success in sales. To avoid crowding, online consultants have sought to attract consumers to shop online. As GlobalData tells us, “pandemic resilience” came about by increasing the number of active consumers who visited their online stores.

Longread: 10 Ways To Diversify Your Sales Strategy Online To Protect Your Business

If you are looking to create or grow your ecommerce business, then this event is definitely what you need.

Jared Mitchell, a founder of Beefysites and a Head of Ecommerce for Neil Patel, gave a webinar and explained why it’s so important to invest in your business and diversify your sales channels.

We highly recommend subscribing to Jared’s LinkedIn account, where he regularly shares valuable insights, videos, and articles on entrepreneurship and ecommerce.

Guide: Influencer Marketing, Choosing Social Networks

As stated in the Brafton report, social media posts influence 71 percent more purchases for ecommerce businesses.

If you also want to make the most of this sales channel for your business, first of all, you need to choose the right platform to easily reach your customers.

Actually, we’ve found a nice article on buyer personas and choosing an appropriate network on Practical Commerce. Check it out!