Blackfire has recently announced the support of GitHub Actions for Blackfire. Such product news has become a reason for us to prepare and share our technical guide to install and configure & Features is a solution that enables developers to get an overview of how their code performs and how it consumes resources, with the help of profiling and testing technologies.

Blackfire works in Magento Cloud out of the box and offers a number of features, such as performance testing, performance management automation, and performance profiling.

We regularly use on ecommerce projects for optimizing our client’s online stores, as it has proven its efficiency and allows immediately analyzing the page speed loading once the website is deployed. Installation Guide

The solution can be installed in two ways: into a host system or as a Docker container in case you use Docker.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide on installing in both ways. Check out our manual by clicking the button below, where you’ll find all the necessary information with tips and pieces of code.

Check out Technical Guide

If you have any questions or suggestions on technical guide, please let us know by filling out our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.