How to Make Use of Google Shopping for Ecommerce Business to Make Sales Feasibly Take Off

Google Shopping Ads is a smart tool for ecommerce businesses that are looking for ways to enter or improve their online sales business.

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Google has introduced Shopping Ads which is fast gaining traction in the e-commerce world over the last 2 years. It was introduced initially in the US and now made available in several countries in Europe, and Asia. It is widely used in countries like the UK, France, Australia, India, and Singapore. The shopping ads are free through surfaces across the google program. They propose to roll it out across the world by the mid of October this year.

What are Google Shopping Ads

The Google Shopping ads is a tool for online marketing of products for retailers who are into selling various items to customers. It is a platform for sellers to list out product information like price and specifications in the Merchant Centre. 

From here, the potential customers can view such ads on all Google surfaces to which it is linked. This e-com business platform is becoming more popular now and bringing the sellers and buyers closer. 

Now the beta version of the Google Shopping ads for E-commerce business has been made available in dozens of other countries to test its functioning before final implementation. The aim is to make it functional in all the major countries of the world by the end of the year.   

Why You Should Use Google Shopping Ads over Google ads

The use of Google Shopping ads has multiple advantages over Google ads. Google ads are generic and may not result in any great benefit to the sellers in reaching the target audience. The prospective buyers also might not get the desired inputs they are looking for in the sea of information available on Google. 

The major advantages of using Google Shopping ads are listed out: 

1.  Helps you to get highly targeted users.

This relatively recent shopping platform helps small and medium retailers reach and target more buyers. Advertising here with visual aids like images is more appealing than a mere text listing out the specifications. 

It helps sellers to easily reach targeted users. Customers can make an informed decision when advertisements are listed with product details like true images, prices, specifications, and deals.

2. You can get a high return on Ad spend

The fact that this is just a platform and not dedicated to a single company or seller allows Google Shopping ads to get to a wider audience. This mainly connects buyers who get to know the complete product and seller information on one website to the sellers who get more value for their Ad spend. This will improve ROAS and increase conversion rates for the sellers.

If a dollar spent on an ad results in a profit of 3 dollars, then ROAS is 3x. This means that a seller gets 3 times Return On Ad Spend. 

3. It can be managed and optimized easily

Google shopping ads has built-in algorithms that place a premium on highly organized and neatly structured data. The platform has multiple features for optimization like a facility to link a single ad posted on the merchant center to different campaigns. This drastically brings down the resources required to run multiple ad campaigns.

4. You will get better data and reporting

This platform is immensely beneficial to both the retailers and brands through a better daily flow of crucial data which allows for easy monitoring. In a situation where the majority of retailers are reportedly investing a large portion of their ad spend on Google Shopping ads, they must know the effectiveness of their investment. 

The daily price data they get can help them to get their pricing strategy right. On the other hand, the brands can also observe the retailers by checking if their pricing aligns with the company’s strategy and how different retailers are comparatively faring in various products.

Best Strategies to Increase your Online Sales

The small and medium retail enterprises have numerous tools to plan and increase their online sales. The listing on the Google Shopping ads is only a beginning. Sellers need to further build upon the strategies to scale-up the sales. 

You have already a taste of the massive advantages of the Google Shopping ads linking your products to potential online buyers. For the sales to grow, several strategies have to be followed to make the seller and his products more visible and appealing to the buyers than others to stay ahead of the pack. 

Some of the strategies are briefly explained below:

1. Fine-tune your Product Titles

The product has to be titled using the right choice of words. The presence of popular keywords in the product title, meta description, page title, and image text enables Google to illustrate the correct product when a user searches for it. 

For a branded product, the brand name in the title is critical for it to show up when buyers are searching for specific brands. For non-branded items, other catchy and frequently used keywords in the title and description are essential to make the ad visible to the buyer.

2. Fine-tune your Product Feed Descriptions and Categories

The appropriate description of a product allows Google to know which product is to be displayed. More details about the product, the promotion, the pricing, and any specific deals or limited period offer go a long way in placing the particular ad in an advantageous position compared to that of others.  

3. Fine-tune you product images

A high-quality appropriate image that truly depicts the product giving customers a clear idea about what is on sale is vital. This would be very helpful to customers to make up their mind to buy from the seller. 

A product image has to be as precise and accurate as possible for the buyers to get the correct perception of the item he is looking for. A good practice is to answer all buyer queries promptly and truthfully.

4. Use merchant promotions whenever possible

The use of merchant promotions in product ads by retailers improves their target reach by increasing the CTR and conversion rates. It is a great idea to make effective use of merchant promotions wherever possible while pitching ads for the sale of products. 

5. Use product rating and review to increase CTR

Around 80% of customers are generally influenced by customer ratings and reviews while buying a product, apart from word of mouth opinions from known people. These points are to be incorporated in the product ad in any form. 

They can be either in the title or description in the form of numbers or star ratings. It is observed that customers lookout for a higher star rating and good positive reviews of a product, sales experience, and prompt after-sales service. These points would be valuable in building the reputation of the seller and his product sales while jacking up the click-through rates, or CTR. 

6. Always have a negative keywords strategy in place

Having a list of negative keywords is important in many situations. It will be helpful while simultaneously running multiple ad campaigns. The seller can concentrate on increasing the visibility of branded and more productive product campaigns by using some of the negative keywords in the lesser paying products. 

Each keyword has a priority during separate searches and this can be used smartly to divert the traffic to high priority products. In other situations, the use of negative keywords might discourage users who casually browse only for knowledge and academic purposes. The absence of such keywords attracts only serious customers.

7. Adjust bids based on device performance

Many products are used on multiple devices, like in mobiles and laptops, or desktops. For ex., for a product that is mostly used on mobiles, the bid rates can be jacked up to improve the ROI, the return on investment. 

This strategy of periodical and smart adjustment of bids can be used to improve profitability without negatively impacting the sales. The seller has to continuously monitor the moves of his competitors also to stay ahead of them.

8. Increase bids for high-performance products

Increasing the bids on high-performance products offer an attractive opportunity to improve the ROAS, the return on ad spends. Any such increase has to be carefully calibrated so as not to adversely affect the traffic and sales and defeat the very purpose of increasing the bids. 

Striking the right balance is important so as not to drive the potential buyers to other sellers who might take advantage of such a move by the seller. 

9. Implement remarketing strategies

The remarketing facility can be used to offer different bids for a casual visitor and a loyal customer. The use of smart tools like ROAS can be helpful for sellers and brands in implementing a remarketing list strategy to segregate the different customers and improve seller profitability. 

This is a smart strategy to categorize the buyers based on their past recorded behavior to target them better and improve sales margin at the same time.


In a nutshell, the Google Shopping ads provide an extremely smart tool to the small and medium businesses which are looking at ways to enter or improve their online sales business. 

This platform also helps potential customers to get all the relevant details from various brands and sellers on one platform to facilitate them to make informed decisions. 

The various flexible real-time options and tools available on this platform enable the brands and sellers to intelligently strategize their selling tactics, scale-up their sales, and improve their profitability.

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