Magento 2.3.5 Release: Overview, New Features & Improvements

Let's overview the latest Magento 2.3.5 release, which became available on April 28. It contains over 180 functional fixes to the core product and over 25 security enhancements. Magento community members resolved 46 GitHub issues while contributing to the version.


This Magento latest release includes 25+ security fixes that help close remote code execution as well as cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Moreover, developers added a content security policy (CSP) and the removal of session-id from URLs to the release.

Platform Upgrades

The following changes were applied to keep the website relevant to 3-party platforms:

  • ✓ Compatibility with Elasticsearch 7.x
  • ✓ Upgrade of Symfony Components to 4.4 version
  • ✓ Core integrations of third payment methods (Authorize.Net, eWay, CyberSource, and Worldpay) are deprecated
  • ✓ Core integration of the Signifyd fraud protection code is deprecated
  • ✓ Dependencies on Zend Framework are migrated to the Laminas project


The new Magento 2.3.5 version invalidates customer segment data better, which helps avoid an issue with local storage when custom sections.xml invalidations are active.

The number of queries to Redis that are performed on each Magento request is minimized, which significantly boosts the performance.

Infrastructural changes

The PayPal Pro payment method is compatible with the Chrome 80 browser now. A PHPStan code analysis check has been integrated into Magento static builds to enhance static code analysis.

Page Builder Improvements

  • ✓ Templates that can be created from existing content and applied to new content areas are added.
  • ✓ Page Builder Rows, Banners, and Sliders now have the option to use videos for their backgrounds and a possibility to set their heights to the full height of the page.
  • ✓ Content type upgrade library allows for backward compatibility.

Inventory Management Changes

The ability to view allocated inventory sources from the orders list is presented with a new extension point for SourceDataProvider and StockDataProvider.


  • ✓ Possibility to create an API for a storefront and modify storefront logic is presented in the extensibility framework.
  • ✓ Caching and data fetching are improved.
  • ✓ Shopping cart components that can be used for a full-page shopping cart experience are added.

Dotdigital Improvements

  • ✓ Engagement Cloud and Magento B2B module are integrated to allow the B2B merchants to perform sync of company, shared catalog, quote, and custom product catalog data to Dotdigital.
  • ✓ Improved importer performance and coupon code resend.

Also, the Magento new release has stopped supporting Google Shopping ads Channel. You better find an alternative extension.

We recommend that you update your latest version of Magento to the latest because it will give you a lot of benefits: performance improvements, security compatibility, functional fixes, and new features availability.

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