Magento Meetup & Contribution Days in Kharkiv: How We Did It

We’re happy to announce that we launched Magento Meetup Kharkiv & Contribution Days on a regular basis in 2017 to help evolve the community in one of the IT-centers of Ukraine.

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Magento platform has a community of nearly 150,000 developers that stretch the globe. Within this ecosystem Magento developers inform, educate, and support each other. They hold conferences such as Mage Titans, Meet Magento, and Magento Live to share professional experience, award the most outstanding talents, and gather for Contribution Days to contribute their knowledge to improve the platform.

The opportunity for professional growth with support from official Magento evangelists attracts dozens of developers each year. They’re hopeful professionals who start their Magento path to success each year, and we’re happy to announce that we launched Magento Meetup Kharkiv & Contribution Days on a regular basis in 2017 to help evolve the community in one of the IT-centers of Ukraine.

Since 2017, our initiative has been endorsed by the Magento Community Engineering Team. It’s a case where Magento architects have been speakers at both of our Meetups, and helped our Kharkiv contributors with word and deed.

Magento Meetup Kharkiv #1 (Experimental) October 2017

100 people arrived to spectate our first Experimental Meetup and listen to the trio of speakers. Magecom lead developers Anastasia Sukhorukova and Aleksey Lysenko shared their experiences on switching over Magento versions and avoiding development blunders, and Igor Miniailo from the Magento Core Team presented his report on the best practices of API design.


Magento Meetup Kharkiv #2 (Post-New Year’s) January 2018

After New Year’s 2018, we were back on the scene with a host of new events. The second meetup garnered roughly 130 people with a flurry of presentations and activities. There were three main reports presented: Olga Burtyka, a lead front-end developer from Magecom who shared her experience on Accelerated Mobile Pages implementation in Magento 2. We also had Igor Miniailo, a Magento architect who shared approaches to automated software testing, and Vlad Veselov, a top Magento contributor from Magecom, who reviewed common mistakes while making attempts to customize Magento 2.

How it was in pictures:


Contribution Day #1 Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) January 2018

This event boasted not only a Meetup, but also had a Contribution Day event to take place the following day. The architects from the Magento Core Team moderatеd the Contribution Day and helped attendees from places as close as Kharkiv and Chernivtsi, to as far away as Germany. Each of these attendee’s were taught how to best leave their imprint in the development of new Multi-Source Inventory features, as well as fixing bugs, and sharing their best practices and insights as to how to get the most out of what Magento has to offer, from their experience.

Each attendee also had a chance to work in teams with Magento architects. This allowed them to share their practices and insights, and help leave their imprint in the development of a new Multi-Source Inventory feature and bug-fixing techniques.

Coding took place for nearly 8 hours. At the end of the day, participants provided whopping 6 pull requests for further moderation to be undertaken by the Magento Core team.

Some more pictures:

Magento Meetup Kharkiv #3 (No Jokes) April 2018

Inspired by the interest of the Kharkiv Magento community, we’ve prepared the third Meetup and second Contribution Day to take place on the 13th and 14th of April. This time we’ve played big: we had Paul Celie, a Lead Developer from Fiyo, the Netherlands, tell us what business’ want and how to understand and process their requirements. The second report was held by Vadim Justus, Head of eCommerce/Software Architect in TechDivision, who shared some insights on third-party systems integration with the help of a Multi-Source Inventory – a feature the Magento Core Team has been working on lately. Lastly, reporter Anastasia Sukhorukova, Lead Backend Developer from Magecom, illustrated the work of UI components in Magento both on frontend and backend.

This time 100 people came to meet Magento architects and colleagues from different companies, network, and share their experience.


Magento Contribution Day #2 April 2018

15 Magento developers from different companies took part in the second Magento Contribution Day. They enjoyed the challenge of non-trivial tasks, a friendly atmosphere, and support of engineers from Magento.

This time 6 pull requests were made. This not only shows a real aptitude and dedication on the part of those who know and love Magento products, but also for the team who works so hard to make it the best it can be.

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