Create a collaborative effect between business and technology

If you have a vision on improving or expanding your business and ready to move forward, first you should take care of basics and get an understanding of how to synchronize the development process with business values. Analysts say that the most common limiting factor that doesn’t allow almost 71% of software projects to succeed is low requirements management. Turn the findings during the analysis into specific requirements and create a long-lasting synergy between your business goals and engineering team.

On the inside of business analysis

  • Gain extra insights and additional information about your business based on the competitive environment, industry trends, target audience analysis with their intentions, pain points and drivers.
  • Find actual bottlenecks and issues in the strategy and identify options that help solve them for further smooth sailing.
  • Receive essential artifacts — sitemap, high-level features list, project specification document, prototypes — for a thorough understanding of how your business system will look for users and whether it comes up to expectations.
  • Turn your own ideas and business opportunities into an action plan and gain a specific vision of the ecommerce project to clearly understand the scope, budget and timeline.

Going a long way

Finding out business strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement from the outside point of view
Optimizing costs by finding more effective solutions, which will work for your benefit in perspective
Establishing effective collaboration among stakeholders and automating the business processes
Developing project documents that perfectly fit your business needs and setting up a firm foundation for taking off
Minimizing risks and ensuring the project progress by providing revealing insights, analysis, and research
Prioritizing business requirements and tasks carefully to make stakeholder efforts focus on what really matters