Code & Performance Audit

Stay ahead of the game & remove system limitations with the code quality review

Going to introduce new functionality, migrate to another platform, or integrate your store with third-party systems but the maintenance costs are higher than expected and unpredictable resources are needed? If you want to get faster and more concrete results, it’s better to be on the safe side and eliminate unexpected issues and random bugs. First things first — analyze your system state and only then upgrade it to prevent possible reworking and optimize costs.

On the inside of code & performance audit

  • Make sure that the Frontend part of the website provides your customers with seamless UX, makes your web pages work fast on different types of devices, and ensures proper crawling and indexing by search engines.
  • Check the Backend part and what’s going on under the hood, which directly influences what your users experience on the Frontend. Find out whether the code is good and scalable enough for further maintenance and growth.
  • Analyze the server-side aspects of smooth running, such as caching issues, proper server hardware usage and its configurations.
  • Introduce a step-by-step guide with specific actions on improving the code quality, requirements, and tasks for the development team.

Going a long way

Conducting a multi-factor analysis that covers code & performance issues of the existing system
Building a status report with an improvement strategy and bit-by-bit instructions
Preparing for a sustainable system development as a result of implementing prescriptions