DevOps & Infrastructure

Optimize server architecture of your store to make the visible part look welcoming

For maintaining both competitiveness and flexibility in the ecommerce market, merchants should take long views and care about a range of challenges and demands that users are putting forward. A smooth workflow and optimal use of resources are the foundation of your store, where you could build some advanced add-ins and be calm that everything works stably.

On the inside of DevOps & Infrastructure

  • Implement continuous integration and delivery practices.
  • Take care of the server’s proper setup and performance.
  • Keep data and system security up-to-date and ensure that upgrades and patches are implemented on schedule.
  • Maintain large amounts of data to allow proper showcasing and merchandising of your products.
  • Handle website traffic in the right way and effectively share and manage load within the infrastructure.

Going a long way

Keeping abreast of the latest tools and tendencies to instantly implement changes
Setting up a consistent and robust infrastructure with a secure environment
Saving costs on infrastructure maintenance and automating a variety of processes