DevOps & Infrastructure

DevOps: keep your server architecture sustainable and scalable

For maintaining both competitiveness and agility in the ecommerce market, merchants should take long views and care about a range of challenges and demands that users are putting forward. To build some advanced add-ins and be calm that everything works stably, you need to take care of optimal use of resources and smooth workflow first.

On the inside of DevOps & infrastructure

  • Implement continuous integration and delivery practices to make your infrastructure work more effectively, introduce automation measures and faster changes.
  • Take care of the server’s proper setup and performance.
  • Keep data and system security up-to-date and ensure that upgrades and patches are implemented on schedule.
  • Handle website traffic in the right way and effectively share and manage load within the infrastructure.

Going a long way

Keeping abreast of the latest tools and tendencies to instantly implement changes
Setting up a consistent and robust infrastructure with a secure environment
Increasing the speed of the system’s working and information processing