Generate sales-qualified leads with clear-cut emails

Craft straightforward and appealing direct marketing emails to expand your prospect database, improve brand awareness, and increase website traffic. Improve customer engagement with email marketing targeting, automation, and analysis.

The email channel is one of the most popular ways to reach your audience, deliver business value, and establish relationships. With effective email marketing, you can make your strategic promotional campaigns work at their full potential and contribute to business growth.

On the inside of email marketing

  • Set goals for the email campaign. Focus on what’s important for your business now– brand promotion, feedback collection, lead generation, or traffic increase.
  • Segment the audience. Define who is more likely to respond to your targeted email marketing and create a database. Decide whether you are going to create B2C or B2B marketing emails.
  • Compose email content for marketing. Prepare an easy-to-read, concise, yet valuable message. Get help from an email marketing designer to make your template attractive for user interactions.
  • Choose email marketing software to automate the process. In such a way, you can reduce email marketing cost and time while being able to reach more prospects.
  • Choose the right time for email campaigns. Take into account customers’ time zones, business days, and holidays.

Going a long way

Kicking off your email marketing campaign to generate leads
Conducting email marketing analysis to see what works best
Tracking email marketing metrics and adding improvements to follow-ups

Any questions left?

01. What are email marketing types?

While there are multiple types of emails you can create for your customers or prospects, we picked the most common ones that are frequently used for email marketing.

đźź Promotional emails

As the name suggests, this type of emails is focused on promoting your product or service. Such emails usually notify clients from an email marketing database about special offers or new product or service launches.

đźź Seasonal emails

Once the holidays start, you can find a bunch of attractive deals from various online stores in your inbox. This is what seasonal emails are for. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday may be a good pretext for offering you a discount as a part of email marketing targeting.

đźź Newsletters

Newsletters are another type of mass email marketing. Companies share their knowledge and updates to stay in touch with you and increase brand awareness.

đźź Retention Emails

Once you have a solid email marketing database, you must keep people and nurture their needs. You can request feedback to keep your products or services up to clients’ expectations. You can update them about any changes to your assortment. Any relevant email will build loyalty toward your brand.

02. What are KPI for email marketing?

KPIs help keep your email marketing campaigns as meaningful as possible. So ask an email marketing analyst to keep track of the following metrics:

đźź Clickthrough Rate

đźź Open Rate

đźź Conversion Rate

đźź Bounce Rate

đźź Forwarding Rate

đźź Unsubscribe Rate

03. How is opt-in email marketing different from other email campaigns?

Opt-in email marketing focuses on your clients’ will to receive specific information. In other words, your strategy uses specific permissions to adjust email send-outs based on preferences.

While it may seem like a limiting method, any email marketing specialist will tell you that opt-in emails prevent your work from ending up in spam. That leads to better communication with prospects and more conversions.

04. What should I focus on email or social media marketing?

Don’t puzzle over choosing email vs. social media marketing. These two are different channels and help engage customers from different sources. The best strategy would be to invest in the development of marketing via emails and social media. However, decide what channel works best for you based on your goals if you need to choose only one.