Integration with third-party services

Benefit from digitalization and automate your business operations to save resources

Managing a store with a small number of visitors and a few inventory items is one thing. While working with products from several suppliers, changing prices manually, and dealing with daily orders with shipments processed by a separate company or fulfillment center is a different story.

If you want to develop your store and increase its efficiency, it’s worth integrating it with systems and services that create your business ecosystem and ensuring reliable data exchange among them to create a quantum leap in your business.

On the inside of integrations

  • Connect ERP, CRM, or PIM systems to manage main business processes, day-to-day activities with supply chain operations, customer relationships, purchasing behavior, product information throughout your sales channels.
  • Integrate shipping and payment systems common for your target markets to improve your customer care and deliver a seamless user experience.
  • Implement accounting systems to save resources on managing bookkeeping, generating invoices, reviewing and categorizing deposits and expenses, reporting cash flow, and automating taxes.
  • Incorporate inventory management solutions to help you control the stock separately for each sales channel.
  • Capture the benefits of marketing and analytics tools integrated to automate email and social media marketing, sales on product feeds and marketplaces, search engine optimization practices, ads and retargeting campaigns.

Going a long way

Automating your workflow to cover operational needs and significantly decrease costs
Delivering an omnichannel experience by piecing together elements into the system
Taking your business to the next level and expanding your business opportunities