Gain exposure and increase customer by setting the right marketing goals

Conduct a marketing audit and craft a deliberate strategy to address your target audience and deliver a unique value to your customers.

The analysis of your current marketing activities, defining what’s working or not, and outlining your goals are critical actions every business must take to stay competitive. High-level marketing takes care of all the things mentioned above and makes every detail in your go-to-market strategy practical and valuable.


On the inside of Magento

  • Create a marketing audit checklist to know how to approach your website promotion.
  • Describe marketing goals to set a path for your development. Decide what you expect from marketing: for instance, increasing website visibility, improving the traffic flow, expanding your customer base, etc.
  • Check if your website pages are SEO-friendly, content is audience-focused, and UX is intuitive to identify strong and weak points on your platform.
  • Define your target audience, competitive privilege, unique value, and brand identity to be ready for strategic planning for marketing.
  • Based on the conducted audit, develop a plan that will push you closer to the goals you set.

Going a long way

Conducting marketing audit and developing a deliberate strategy
Putting your marketing strategy into action and make your website convert
Making sure you regularly conduct an audit and update your strategy based on a periodic website analysis

Any questions left?

01. What is a marketing audit example?

A digital marketing audit outlines what will work for your strategy and what will not. To do so, you need to take the following measures:

🟠Collect all the information about the company

🟠Create your customer profile

🟠Describe your business goals

🟠Study your competitors

🟠Differentiate your offerings from those of competitors

🟠Define weak and strong points in your current marketing strategy

02. Who is responsible for marketing audit and strategy?

A marketing strategy consultant is a person who has the knowledge and skills to check UX, SEO, and content on your website if you have one. If you haven’t developed your website yet, this person helps to create a strategy from scratch. Some of their responsibilities include:

🟠Defining target audience

🟠Competitor research

🟠Identifying issues with existing content

🟠Checking audience engagement

🟠Organic keyword research

🟠Determining page loading speed

🟠Traffic analysis

🟠Finding broken links

Consulting for a marketing strategy can also include using tools such as Google Analytics for in-depth analysis of your website pages. A person responsible for an audit and strategy has experience working with such instruments.

03. What should I primarily focus on: a marketing plan or an advertising plan?

A marketing plan is what can bring your long-term results. While an advertising plan focuses on paid ads in social media or search engine results and is viable for a pre-paid period of time, a marketing plan comprises best practices to make your website relevant for your prospective customers as long as the website exists. Thus, website users that end up on your websites will stay there and become buyers.

Ads is a powerful addition to your marketing activity but not a standalone solution.

04. What are the next steps in the marketing process?

Once you crafted your strategy, just start working according to it. And while implementing all the strategic steps, remember to conduct website analysis regularly. Effective marketing lies in reinventing your strategy based on customer behavior on your website, business development, market trends, new promotion channels, and enriching your marketing model.