Security Audit

Take care of system protection
& run security health check

Business owners usually think about system security only at the point of no return, relying on a bit of luck. In 2018, an average US business could save up to $1.05 million within a year to grow or expand their business if not for cybersecurity incidents. To save on remedy an attack afterward and maintain the brand reputation, it’s better to make the rational choice first and invest in exploring the actual state of things and introducing preventive security.

On the inside of security audit

  • Analyze security patches already used and need to be introduced to make the website security up-to-date that offers effective protection.
  • Use autotools to expore how the Frontend and Backend parts of the business system are protected to minimize the system vulnerabilities. Check the server-side security system — configurations, tools, folders, ports, access control.
  • Provide an additional manual check to make sure that all things are considered and analyzed.
  • Develop an extensive report with key recommendations that map out your further actions on strengthening the security of your business.

Going a long way

Conducting a security analysis that covers issues and weaknesses of the system
Developing a security strategy and report that aim to protect your business from risks
Building a top of priorities and ranking them from the critical ones to the lowest