Make sure you are not missing out
with your search engine

It’s the fact that more than 39% of global ecommerce traffic comes from search. If you hope for high search results, first get a clear understanding of all SEO aspects, make sure that you’re doing the right thing, and find opportunities to take your business to the next level. You’ll receive tangible results with a coherent strategy that turn into step-by-step instructions and decisive actions.

On the inside of SEO audit

  • Check the speed, navigation, mobile-friendliness, and other technical information that influence website ranking and user experience.
  • Find out whether all web pages are correctly indexed by search engines and contain any technical errors with the robots.txt, redirects, or broken links.
  • Review a proper setup of SEO tools, services and explore reported issues.
  • Conduct an on-site markup analysis related to the URL structure, microdata, and HTML code representing a full report with a list of specific and direct actions.
  • Analyze your competitors' SEO activities, their top efficient webpages, organic & paid keywords.
  • Keep abreast of latest SEO trends, tendencies, and tips specific for your industry to use them in your strategy.

Going a long way

Creating a comprehensive and step-by-step SEO strategy that helps you in the long run
Building an effective customer journey that is a key factor for a SEO-friendly website
Developing a top of priorities and tasks for developers and content managers
Laying the correct web page navigation of the store based on the list of main landing pages
Driving traffic of customers that express interest in buying your products
Gaining higher ranking, expanding your audience reach and market share