Increase brand awareness and generate sales via social media

Go social and reach customers via the most engaging marketing channel. Expand marketing activities and promote your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Social media and digital marketing go together since people almost always stare at the smartphone screen. This is why you can get the most out of SMM services and freely communicate with your customers via posts and ads. And what’s more, social media marketing involves entertainment, which is the easiest way to influence your target audience.

On the inside of social media marketing

  • Define your audience as the first of creating your social media plan. Find out what your customers like, what content attracts them the most, and who they follow.
  • Choose platforms for marketing and PR. If you plan to reach your end clients, you can focus on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you are willing to perform B2B social media marketing, you need to add LinkedIn to your list of preferred social media channels.
  • Develop your brand identity. Outline what messages you want to convey to your customers and make them a cornerstone of your communication strategy.
  • Craft a social media marketing strategy that helps highlight your objectives and plan SMM growth.
  • Organically promote your business with social media marketing and advertising.

Going long way

Developing an SMM strategy and post regularly according to your media plan
Performing regular social media analytics to see what parts of your strategy work and fail
Updating your strategy to implement leading SMM practices and get the most out of them

Any questions left?

01. What are the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses?

Since people scroll social media all the time these days, promoting your startup or small business on any social platform will bring more visibility to your product or service and draw new customers.

B2B social media marketing effectively increases brand awareness since your pages will always appear in feeds. And targeted social media advertising will help to reach more users and gain more followers that can be converted to new customers.

02. What are tools for social media marketing?

There are multiple apps for social media marketing that provide the most varied functionalities for marketing campaigns. Below we mention those that will be useful for any strategy and business.

🟠Canva is a free tool for creating appealing visuals with templates for the most popular platforms. It also has a paid version that offers extended functionality for image editing.

🟠Hootsuite is an app for social media marketing management that helps handle several accounts simultaneously as well as plan and schedule your campaigns.

🟠SproutSocial makes social media analytics painless and accurate. With it, you can track your KPIs and performance as well as create reports.

03. What to consider when hiring a social media marketing manager?

Whether you hire a social media marketing expert or an agency, these people must use social media daily, know what tools for social media marketing can help them with planning, scheduling, and analytics, understand your business value and deliver it to social media users.

However, the things that make an SMM specialist a true professional are listed below.

🟠Tracking and using emerging trends to create relevant content in a fast-paced environment

🟠Knowing how to communicate with your followers to lock the audience on your page

🟠Creating inbound content instead of directly advertising your brand

🟠Using a unique voice that will make your brand distinct from competitors

04. What are the rules for content for social media marketing?

There’s no need to say that SMM posts must be concise, easy to read, and grammatically correct, and visuals must be trendy, catchy, and done in your corporate style.

The must-do things you should pay attention to while planning and posting on social media are:

🟠Inbound approach

Don’t try to sell what your brand is selling right away. Making posts that can deliver business value and entertain users at the same time is a softer approach. People will more likely become your customers if you don’t push them.

🟠Regular activity

Social media marketing is all about posting regularly. Otherwise, you’ll get lost in the flow of other accounts, lose engagement, and decrease the coverage of your page. There is too much content these days, so you need to keep pace.

🟠Content analysis

Content analysis is like honest and unbiased feedback. Use tools for social media marketing to know if your audience is satisfied with your content, which posts engage more people, and which posts actually convert.