Figure out how to welcome website visitors by offering maximum usability

Discover what details of your online store attract visitors and which don’t with UX audit. Receive actionable insights into improving a website’s user experience and create a meaningful online shopping journey.

A wisely designed user experience can greatly contribute to your brand loyalty and sales growth. In a highly competitive niche of ecommerce business, it is crucial to allow customers to intuitively navigate through tons of products, quickly find whatever they need, and easily buy it. The better customer journey they experience in your online store, the greater are possibilities they will return to buy more. And UX website audit can give you the best ideas on how to supply your audience with convenient ways to fulfill their needs.

On the inside of UX audit

  • Evaluate your website from a user’s viewpoint to understand if your business conforms customer navigation logic
  • Perform accessibility review to see if your website is perceivable, operable, and robust
  • Check if user flow aligns with ecommerce UX best practices and creates a comprehensive shopping journey
  • Conduct a heuristic evaluation to find flaws in designs and later fix them in the sake of usability
  • Identify if your website’s UX is up to the industry standards. Make sure that colors, buttons, fields are in style with your brand specifics

Going long way

Evaluating if every detail of your website works to customers expectations
Collecting usability gaps and design flaws for mobile and desktop versions of a site
Compiling a UX audit report to know what improvements should be made

Any questions left?

01. Why is a UX review so important?

User experience is aimed to impact your website users’ emotions. If you can monitor what makes those emotions positive and implement it in your website layout, you will be able to make users stay with your brand for a long period of time.

With a great UI/UX design, you will have the chance to convert visitors to customers from first encounters. And in the long run, you’ll create a loyal audience, who will reward you not only with steady purchases but also brand awareness.

02. When should a UX audit be conducted?

A regular website UX audit is a must for all websites. Standards for designs and usability updates all the time, so it’s important not to stay behind.

However, there are occasions when reevaluation of UX for ecommerce must be done not just to keep up with the times. Here is when a UX audit is obligatory:

❕Website development

❕Online store redesign

❕Paltform’s poor performance

❕Introduction of new functionality

03. Which UX audit tools can I use?

There are tons of services that help with website UX review. We want to point out the following:

🟠Mixpanel helps to monitor what actions users take on your online store and created reports.

🟠Kissmetrics focuses on user behavior, most viewed pages, identifies flaws, points out best features, compares feature usage, and more.

🟠CrazyEgg generates reports by analyzing different types of user behavior, including clicks, percentage of page scrolldowns, returns to a website, etc.

🟠HotJar highlights the most popular areas of a website.

04. What does a website UX audit checklist include?

A UX audit example looks like this:

✔️Outlining business goals

✔️Creating user personas

✔️Defining user flows

✔️Conducting a heuristic usability review

✔️Performing accessibility evaluation

✔️Generating a UX report