Web Design

Supercharge your UX/UI with conversion-focused design

Web design has broken free of being just about good-looking websites, it also helps merchants achieve their business goals — from increasing brand recognition to boosting customer conversions. To achieve the latter, you could use powerful design techniques and psychological tricks together to prompt users to take desired actions on your website — make a purchase, submit a request, or subscribe to a newsletter.

On the inside of web design

  • Turn usability, UX, conversion rate audit findings into prototypes with user stories, use cases, customer journey map scenarios.
  • Implement the latest UX/UI practices based on the recent studies conducted by trustworthy research sources — Baymard Institute, Nielsen Norman Group, Think with Google — to turn your store more conversion-friendly.
  • Work on web designs by adding a touch of magic with colors, graphics, fonts, layouts, and overall UI to the prototypes that resonate with your brand identity to prompt users to fall in love at first sight.

Going a long way

Taking steps towards building your brand image and creating an emotional bond with customers
Navigating users easily through webpages with a simple and manageable structure
Holding the audience’s attention and focusing it on decisive elements for higher conversions