The information about Magento 2.3.4 has recently appeared with the details of the upcoming release, which is expected on January 28. It offers sufficient upgrades, infrastructure and security improvements, functional fixes.

First things first, according to the pre-release, the main features include:

  • enhancements that make security fixes and protect from the cross-site scripting and RCE remote code execution possible vulnerabilities;

  • content template redesign and upgrade which allow emails and CMS content to include variables that can call PHP functions on objects;

  • improvements and code fixes which make the quality of the Framework and catalog, sales and import better;

  • integration with Adobe Stock image galleries. It allows using high-quality media assets in the content of the website within the Magento admin. Also, merchants can explore and preview stock images in the Media Gallery.

Thus, missing out on such an upgrade could be a great loss. We will keep you updated and inform you about the latest Magento news as soon as possible.