Why We Participate In Adobe Stock Integration Project

The latest Magento release includes a brand new feature that allows merchants to download media content right from the admin panel.

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Adobe Stock Integration (ASI) is one of the very first integrations of the two companies, and it has been in development for almost nine months. Programmers work on ASI on a volunteer basis because it is an unpaid community project.

We asked our developers why they participate in the project and what it means for them.

Alexander Shkurko, Backend developer at Magecom

“Contributing to Magento improves your engineering, testing, and communication skills. When you develop the platform, you get valuable experience that can be put into practice on business projects. I mean, the knowledge you gain is beneficial for building efficient online stores.

Since we were integrating Magento with a 3rd-party content system, we had to overcome a tough architectural task. In the process, we had to resolve questions such as: How do you construct a loose coupling application? How do you apply Magento’s technical vision? And so on. Working on ASI allowed me to upgrade my unit test skills, learn modern PHP best practices, and use object-oriented programming up to the limit.”

Dmitry Kaplin, Backend developer at Magecom

“Adobe Stock Integration wasn’t easy to develop. I had to implement an authorization functionality, and this task was quite complicated because it included backend and frontend parts simultaneously. But I had started my career as a frontend developer before I learned backend. This combination helped me to undertake mixed tasks eventually. I’ve created a UI component that opens a window where you can log in. If everything’s okay and you manage to log in, the window automatically hides, and you see the confirmation message.

This work upgraded my skills a lot, and it was exactly what I wanted. But there is still room for improvement, and I look forward to contributing more!”

The enthusiasts continue to polish ASI up. Recently, they developed the Enhanced Media Gallery—a new module that will make managing media in Magento even easier.