8 Quick Steps You Could Take in Your Ecommerce Store Now to Improve Conversion Rate

We've gathered several steps you could take now that could help you to generate more sales in future.

Copywriter. Yevheniia understands various CMS systems for e-commerce, such as Magento, Shopware, Shopify, as well as marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

Conversion is the main driver for any ecommerce business owner. If you feel that you’ve reached a growth ceiling or have some bottlenecks and don’t know how to fix them, follow our recommendations that you could try to carry out now and instantly influence your sales in a positive way.

If you are a seasoned ecommerce merchant, then use this article as a checklist and run quickly through it to ensure that you’ve already used all of the tips to make your customers spend more time in your store, find items they’re searching for, and conclude a purchase without a hitch.

#1 Provide Exciting Offers and Deals

Delighting customers with discounts, free shipping, gift cards, or coupons is not a big deal. What is more challenging is to make your offer exceptional and valuable. Conduct a fundamental analysis and find out what your direct competitors are offering to customers and make sure yours is no worse. After that, delve into turning it into something unique and presenting added value to your customers.

An example is worth a thousand words. Here’s how the gift store offers a brand-new customizing option for customers. Users can click on the catchy banner on the homepage and build their own present for a beloved one by selecting a box design and a gift itself. All that was required from the merchant was to create an attractive banner with an eye-catching heading and place it in a prominent place on the homepage. 


#2 Offer Multiple Payment and Shipping Methods

Be flexible in offering payment and shipping options for users, as you definitely don’t want to lose them because of such a thing. If you are unsure which gateway to choose, do a survey and ask your customers or make a decision based on open sources and data available to analyze. In most cases, a list of payment options is placed at the bottom of the homepage, while shipping methods are arranged on the checkout.

Don’t stop and offer something more if you have an opportunity. For instance, the diaper bags brand provides its customers with an option to pay later after purchasing available for orders over $35. This function was implemented as a result of integration with the payment service — Afterpay. If you also want to perform such a function in your online store while saving time and resources, you could reach out to us by filling out our contact form.

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#3 Ensure Easy Navigation

A user-friendly website search is definitely a recipe for success. To convince you of this, here are some statistics. According to Google, 39% of customers made a purchase were influenced by a relevant store search. Apart from it, as stated in the Forrester report, more than 40% of users go directly to the search bar after entering the ecommerce site, on average. This means one thing — you have to make sure your search engine works well. If it doesn’t, think about improving the search functionality of your ecommerce platform. For example, you could go through our blog post dedicated to enhancing search capabilities for Magento stores. 

The plus-size clothing brand offers not merely relevant search results but also search suggestions similar to an initial inquiry, which open up more opportunities for users.


If your online store assortment is not so wide, pay attention to the men grooming and shaving supplies store, which comes up with the following solution. They present the main categories in the colorful and striking blocks on the homepage.


#4 Make Checkout Process Easier

As reported by Baymard, more than 20% of users abandon orders because of the too long or complicated checkout process. Here’s the only way to solve this problem — simplify it as much as possible. If you’re an owner of the Magento store, check out our selection of one-checkout extensions in the blog post

To make a long story short, let’s dive into examples. The premium snickers store provides users with choosing from standard checkout and express one. 


The women’s boho clothing brand uses an alternative way to reduce checkout steps for online shoppers by giving an option to go through checkout as a guest.

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#5 Include a Sense of Urgency in CTAs

In this highly competitive ecommerce business environment, you need to showcase that your offer is exclusive and only available for a limited time. Once your customers are aware of the urgency, they will shop much more eagerly. All you need to do is to implement a countdown timer for sales and discount or convey this message in the CTAs across all marketing channels, where you could reach your target audience — website, email newsletters, social media, banner advertising, etc.

The UK design furniture & accessories brand includes a message, which rushes customers to make a purchase now and get it delivered before Christmas in the bar on the website.


#6 Reduce the Cart Abandonment Rate

While there is no magic preventing purchasers from abandoning their carts, there’s a vast range of interesting options available to return your customers to the website, and we’ve collected some ideas in our blog post, which we hope you’ll find useful for your business.

For instance, the premium clothing brand sends cart abandonment emails to customers with a link to quickly come back to the shopping cart and keep on shopping.


#7 Launch a Shop on Social Media

Nowadays, you could generate sales not only on the website, but also on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. All these social platforms are constantly developing to offer more and more opportunities for ecommerce business owners. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase sales in your online shop.

The US organic jellies store has a shop on Facebook, where there’s a whole assortment of products divided by categories. Users could explore more information on products, find out shipping and returns conditions on Facebook, and then go through checkout on the website.


#8 Use Popups Effectively

Popups are a great way to attract customers and generate more sales, but they don’t work as easily as it seems. Designing a useful popup that could lead to conversions takes time, effort, and creativity. Keep in mind the fact that you should annoy users, instead, engage them in fun activities, inform them about important things, or offer something special. 

The modern desk organization & office accessories brand displays the popup after adding items to the shopping cart. Users could also see suggestions there based on the added products. 


Another brand, which sells earplugs and earphones, shows a popup on the exit to engage customers and make them stay or at least enter an email address.  


One more interesting example is the shaving products brand, which runs giveaways among subscribers and promises to give the winner a valuable reward.



Obviously, there’s no magic bullet for boosting sales, but you could perform a list of necessary actions that don’t take too much time right now and increase chances to succeed.