Home Textiles & Decor Magento 2 Ecommerce Website Features

Check out a list of features and customizations to upgrade your home products store and deliver a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

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Home textiles and decor are an integral part of home furnishings. Selling home products means selling coziness, comfort, and, ultimately, happiness. It’s great when shoppers can come to the store, choose cushy pillows, pretty blankets, elegant tablecloths, or stylish curtains. Or maybe all this at once, separately or as a set. Let’s take a look at how Magento helps home & decor business owners and their customers meet their needs with an absolute win-win result. 

Product Types for Home & Decor Stores

Simple Products

Let’s say we have pillows of different sizes, colors, materials, and fillings, and only the size affects the price, and other parameters are not so important. In this case, you can only have simple products in your Magento online store.

Rose & Grey simple product

If you need to find out how to build a Magento 2 simple product, have a look at our article Product Types And Their Creation in Magento 2, where we’ve included all the necessary steps with screenshots.

Simple Products with Custom Options

Now let’s look at how to sell a pillow on Magento, taking into account customers’ individual preferences. For instance, you’d like to offer the service of custom lettering on the pillow. To do this, when building a product in the Customizable Options tab, you need to select Text or Area and set a limit on the number of characters in the field, where a customer can enter the text.

If you want to provide customers with an opportunity to decorate the pillow with any other print, then the option File will come in handy. The necessary extension and maximum file size are specified when creating an option. An Upload File button will be displayed on the product page, and buyers can upload images they’d like to be placed on the pillow.

When customers can choose their own color, material, filling from the proposed options, such a feature is implemented by Dropdown or Radiobutton with different displays on the product page. When implementing a product, you need to add ‘Color’, ‘Material’, ‘Filling’ to it, and set a list of values from which customers will choose.

MKT simple product with custom options

If you want to make it possible for customers to choose two or more values ‘Color’, ‘Material’, ‘Filling’, like a two-color pillow, then it’s better to set such options as Multiple Select or Checkbox.

This type of product doesn’t imply individual stock management for each custom combination of options. In other words, the Inventory will display the change in the total number of pillows, but not separately green, red, or striped, so it’s challenging to track the remains of each type in the warehouse. It’s also impossible to upload a separate image for each combination of selected options, which means that customers can’t see how the end result will look after setting them on the product page.

And if the options have their own prices, the buyers will see the product’s final cost only when they choose all the options. 

Configurable Products

This type of product is characterized by the fact that buyers can choose an option from ready-made combinations of characteristics and instantly see the price and final appearance.

Let’s say we have pillows 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm, 50×50 cm. Each size is presented in blue, white, and orange colors. In the admin panel, you should create a simple product for each case — a 30×30 cm blue pillow, 40×40 cm red pillow, and so on for all combinations. Then we add a Configurable Product Pillow based on the attributes and assign them with Magento Simple Products.

As a result, the merchant has the opportunity to keep a record of each custom pillow, while buyers will see a ‘Pillow’ product page, where they can select the color and size and immediately see the price and photo of the pillow they’ve chosen, as the main image changes as soon as the desired options are selected.

Kensington Design configurable products

If you want to delve into more differences between the two types of products, check out our article Configurable Products vs Simple Products with Options in Magento.

Grouped Products

What’s great about this type of product is selling the same pillows both individually and in sets. At the same time, buyers can choose the quantity and size, and the ecommerce merchant can easily keep track of the stock balance. 

We create Simple Products for each type of pillow, and then we build a Magento Grouped Product, where we add those Simple Products. As a result, on the product page, customers will see a list of all pillows added to the set. If you want, you can sell not only different pillows in one set, but also blankets, curtains and washing liquids.

Cox & Cox Grouped Products

Bundle Products

If you want, you can sell not only different pillows in one set, but also blankets, curtains and washing liquids.

For example, a set includes two pillows of the selected color and size, one blanket, and two napkins. In the admin panel, you need to create Simple Products and a Bundle, to which we add options: pillow, blanket, and napkin. For the options, set the number of Simple Products included in this set (two pillows, one blanket, two napkins) and assign Simple Products to each option.

Customers will be able to choose a color and size combination for each piece of the set on the product page, but not to change the quantity for the entire set. The price of this type of product is displayed as a range ‘from — to’, and becomes visible once a user selects all the options.

Gift Cards for Home & Decor Stores

If a customer decides to choose a gift for someone in your store, a Gift Card is a perfect solution. There is a separate type of Magento product for it. When creating the ecommerce merchant needs to indicate its type: 

  • physical. A buyer chooses the amount (the option of the custom amount is also possible when a buyer enters the number), places an order, and a card is sent.
  • electronic. A user specifies the name and email on the product page, and as soon as an invoice for such an order is created, an email is sent with a card code, which can be used when paying for purchases in your store.

Lulu and Georgia electronic gift card

Custom Attributes for Home & Decor Stores

In addition to the product description, you can add some visual information on its advantages and features and present it in Custom Attributes, which are small icons with descriptions appearing once clicking. For example, an icon of a lamb means information about what kind of wool the blanket is made of. 

Sales Promotion for Home & Decor Stores

In addition to bundling products, Magento allows you to stimulate purchases by offering products in addition to those they’ve already added to the cart, such as:

  • Related Products. These are products that can complement, improve, or help in the care of the purchased item. These products will appear on the product page to which they are added. 
  • Up-Sells Products is another section on the product page that displays items similar to the one the buyer is considering, but of better quality or more popular.
  • Cross-Sells are created for impulsive purchases and displayed on the cart page when a customer is ready to click on the Checkout button.

Decovry upselling section

Customization for Home & Decor Stores

The default Magento 2 toolkit certainly provides a lot of opportunities, but there is always a chance to expand the functionality with custom solutions.


When it comes to selecting fabrics for the interior, it isn’t easy to choose the exact color and texture based on the curtains’ photos. In this case, selling fabric samples can be an excellent solution.

Using a custom module, the Buy Sample option is added to the product page. By choosing this option, a customer adds a small sample of fabric to the shopping cart, which means that users can first order product samples and then buy the more preferable or that fits best into the interior.

The Fabric Store ordering samples feature

Virtual Fitting Room

Another custom solution can be a virtual fitting room if a buyer needs to imagine how curtains, blankets, or tapestries will look in the interior. By selecting the virtual fitting room option, users are moved to the page for choosing a 3D object (sofa, armchair, curtains). The chosen fabric is applied to the desired item and can be viewed from all angles.

King Living Virtual Fitting Room


To sum up, there’s a massive variety of options for your ecommerce business to improve the customer journey, give more opportunities to users, and help you sell more as a result.